Friday, September 18, 2020

Album Cover Part 1

I am starting new series of posts. Me, being me, they will not be a regular thing, most likely. Although I will do my best to keep it regular and around Friday. But you know, work, real life, and tons of hobbies prevent me from not only streaming 24/7 but also participating in online encounters. Each post will contain only 5 album covers.

As for the first post, no, not SHINee.

Something from the 80's. I clicked on the random year and got 1989.

Disclaimer: no heavy metal or any metal/hard rock related covers. No soundtracks. Only album covers I like, not the ones that spent 7235 weeks at nr. 1 of Billboard.

Stevie Nicks - The Other Side of the Mirror (1989). I love this album to bits. and I also love the covers. The style is so much of Stevie that it would be hard for anyone else to pull this off. I also absolutely love the color palette here.

Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989). Janet got me into R'n'B genre and I will be forever grateful. I like this cover because the shadows that engulf her face and a hard light make for a wonderful spectacle of calmness before the storm.

Kim Gwangseok - 1st. (1989). I like the album, I love the poetry of Kim, and his voice that can move from a stream to a roaring, desperate waterfall in one song. And I like this album cover as well, the brightly lit figure under the lamppost feels both free and yest overwhelmingly sad.

Julia Fordham - Porcelain (1989). I suppose not many people heard about her, but it's worth to listen to this album and a really nice, 5-octave voice. Here you have Porcelain, a title track from that album. I like the crimson splatter on an ivory background. It's bold to be in a bathrobe and look so good.

Mike Oldfield - Earth Moving (1989). I am a lifelong fangirl, true. I absolutely adore his 30-minutes long, instrumental pieces, but I also love his ventures into electronics and pop/rock (like Hostage, Vocalist: Max Bacon). This album is actually the first one without the instrumental only piece. I like the water that actually makes all the work and creates a stunning effect.

I hope this way we can share some new albums.

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