Friday, August 14, 2020

Drama Stage 2020: Blackout


This one I will honestly don't describe (in detail) because the crime intrigue is very nice and people should rather watch for themselves. This episode's main topic is greed, I think. And how it corrupts.

This is going to be my laziest recapitulation of the plot, but trust me, there is a twist I don't want to spoil for those who don't like to be spoiled.

Anyway, the plot follows a taxi driver. An alcoholic taxi driver who suffers from blackouts after he drinks too much. And he usually drinks too much. He's basically on the verge of mental collapsing, and to be honest, after the short montage of his driving various people, it's not difficult to understand why.

His passengers can be loud, can be lying, cheating - basically a microcosm of the society in the tiny sphere of the taxi hull.

Then one day, after coming to work, with a horrible hangover, he hears that he didn't check in the previous day and he never informed his boss what was going on and where was he. Thing is - he doesn't remember anything and only from time to time gets the flashes of events that don't bode well for his life.

On his phone he sees the number he doesn't recognize and it turns out - it was a substitute driver who picked him up last night at the area outside of Seoul. And with this we enter into oneiric series of events that at one time seem real and at another - completely fake.

As the tension builds, so builds also desire - a simple desire for money. Desire so strong that it annihilates any moral brakes a person can have against the murder. We will have people use one another, hate one another and kill one another just for a paper with a lady on it.

The biggest winner here in this episode is not the main character, in fact, he can be treated as the biggest loser out of everyone who came into play.

One would think that the horrible ordeal he went through with one unconscious hostess and a leather bag would teach him something to avoid in the future. And the ending - it's like the nightmare never really stopped.

And it's also bitter in a way, completely in opposition to other crime shows. Here the bad guys or disgusting guys are not punished. They don't have grand scheming plans that would require police teams to form special units. They are the opportunistic vultures with no qualms about immoral behavior. And they are just your normal, regular people you meet every day.