Thursday, March 02, 2017

New Releases From Taiwan 2017/1

I had almost 400 songs to listen to since November, so forgive me for not including all of them.Honestly, no country can beat Taiwan right now in terms of MV making and the sheer spectrum of songs. The tairyuu is no joke.

Here it goes.

吳克群 Kenji Wu - 失速 Lost in Speed

八三夭 831 - 【世界上最危險的東西就是希望 The Most Dangerous Stuff in the World】

旺福 Won Fu - [ 阿娘哈細腰 Hello My Waist ] The "annyeong haseyo" at the beginning was kind of unexpected. But I so love this song!!

黃鴻升 Alien Huang - 【北風和太陽 The North Wind And The Sun】. The MV is 100% beautiful shots of the sky. Great concept.

伍佰 & China Blue – 熱淚暗班車 Re Lei An Ban Che. It's Wu Bai, what can I say more, he's awesome! And I have to say: he's sweeping the charts lately.

And an awesome song and MV (放浪舞者 Fang Lang Wu Zhe) starring Megan Lai!!

詹小櫟 Xiao Li Zhan - 《 霾 》 Mist. This is a cinematographic marvel. Musical too. But then again, she is a jazz singer.

韋禮安 Weibird Wei (William Wei) & 郭靜 Claire Kuo - 風景舊曾諳. It's Weibird, forgive me while I spazz! t's part of the OST for the drama General and I.

魏如萱 waa wei - [你啊你啊] MV

廖文強 Wen Chiang Liao - 可不可以. Just wait for the end of this great, simple and touching video.

There are also new songs by Van Ness, Shin, Chris Tong, sodagreen, Men Envy Children (Can't Love You Anymore), Mayday, and Bii, so if you want, you can check it.