Sunday, May 04, 2014

Blue Night Update 3

   I know, I'm not a good blogger recently, but I have no time these days. Granted, I watch dramas and try to commit to watching them (although God's Gift is somehow on hold now), and even to re-watch some dramas (hey, ladies!), but reading all the time allows me to listen to music more. And since I heard that Spotify actually pays a bit artists, I decided to go there whenever possible. They don't have everything but for most of the time I'm not complaining.
I also have my other source of music, that is Blue Night radio show. I have to admit, sometimes I feel like I'm making those playlists, but sometimes I don't know even a single artist there. Which is good, because I learn this way.
Beware, the post is video heavy so it may load slower.

   In the week of Sewol tragedy some listener said she/he just came back from a ferry journey but wished to trade places with those victims. Jonghyeon was clearly upset and he forbade her/him to have such thoughts. He says that everyone is precious and beautiful. The other day a listener called saying she named her second son Jonghyeon and he melted, the other day he cheered on someone who had lots of difficulties in the family.
What puzzles me it's the fact that after maybe a month listeners started to send such personal messages. OK, his show airs from midnight to 2 am, so it's a better chance for intimacy and secrecy, however those shows are easily available through podcast and there is one twitter account that puts rips for free download (it saved me few times). So maybe people just need someone to listen to their woes and comfort them? And we all know uri DJ's heart is warm and caring so he'll do that.

   OK, after collecting myself from this puddle I turned into for a moment, music that appeared on Blue Night through last 2 weeks. Some are probably well known to some, some are classic to everyone, but I feel like putting it here as well.

 The Pretenders and I'll Stay by You everyone knows, so I'll just list those the most obvious of obviousest songs^^ The Sewol week and the one after the tragedy was rather a slow songs shows. As some of you probably know, I'm a huge fan of snoozefest, but I guess not everyone so I won;t post all nice, slow songs that appeared. Those who are interested - I linked few times the page where MBC puts the names of the tracks played, so you may check those.

Seo Yeong-eun - Nighty Night:

Coffee Boy - 상처는 별이 되죠:

Min Chae - Sunshine:

Journey Sketch -  별이 진다네:

SHINee  - Honesty:

Neil Halstead - Full Moon Rising:

Sisqo - Incomplete (I admit, I almost fell from my chair, cause I haven't had the chance to listen to him in ages), Ah, the golden age of R'n'B... Plus, Jonghyeon sang it once *__*

The Script - This Is Love:

Elżbieta Towarnicka - Voyage to Avalon (composed by Kenji Kawaii). OK, the movie was crap, but OST was good. Plus, she's the opera trained singer. His pronunciation of Polish name was... not half as bad as I thought actually.

 I could actually end here the presentation of how broad his musical taste is, but I won't.
He also presented Johnny Cash, Tony Rich Project (Nuna will love you forever!), Tanita Tikaram, Sade,Beyonce, Green Day,

1974 Way Home - Mondo Grosso (it's acoustic):

Lee Kyuho - Out Into The World:

Freetempo&이민기 - Power of Love (little of Kinki Minki, but still). I know there is this song sung entirely by Minki, but I decided to put this version cause of MV which was probably banned until 2156 year by them Korea.

And now I proudly present our Junhyung (remember Monstar?), the MV is just fun and brightness^^ He just appears in it, but, OK, you have to watch it for yourself.
이승환 - 너에게만 반응해 (feat. 이소은):

Eric Benet - The Last Time:

And last but definitely not least, Dear Cloud, with song Polaris: