Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Music Once Again

   Goddamit, the OST for Thor 2 is so so booooring! But Brian Tyler was never my favorite score composer anyway, so it's not like I'm disappointed or anything.
And you know, when even Ryan Gosling scolds you for not writing more often, it means something's not right. Ekhem, back to music and NO Jjong today. Let's commemorate this with one minute of silence.

Here it is...

I noticed few of Mr Hong's performances I somehow missed during my last YT sweep, so here you have.

Hong Kwangho - 춤을 춰요 에스메랄다:

Belle(벨)- 홍광호, 서범석, 정현철

You can call me biased, but let's face it - he's the best Raoul EVER!!

Hong Kwang Ho(홍광호) - 발걸음

And last one:

For those who feel the substantial lack of Mr Hong in their lives - I dare you to click on this link.
And enjoy *__*

Some other songs.

Queen Latifah and her cover of California Dreamin':

Yiruma - Blind Film (full album):

London Symphony Orchestra - Fame:

Yes, I do have a weak, blind (not deaf) spot for ledApple:
Ledapple(레드애플) - With The wind(바람따라)  

And a bit more of Hanbyul's perfect voice:
Imagine Dragons - Demons Hanbyul of Led apple Music note #42/50

And last:

KIM YOUNG HO(김영호) _ Man's Life(남자라서)

And again, I will NOT post OSTs I've been listening too, because I'd have to post whole albums sometimes, and no one really wants that. It's easier to name those horrible ones though so that everyone may avoid them. I mentioned that Thor 2 OST is bad, but so is Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And no, the score for Gravity wasn't that awesome as I heard it was.

That's all for now. Kirk's out.