Sunday, January 31, 2010


W & Whale (korean: 더블유앤웨일) is a collaboration between W (Where The Story Ends) and female vocalist Whale (웨일).
They released their full-length project album on September 24, 2008, entitled “Hardboiled”, and the next one "Random Tasks" in 2009.
The latest "offspring" is EP called The Artist.
Link to EP (not mine, I just came across it, and there is no tag):
The Artist
And their style include rock, indie, disco, trance.

I had mixed feelings after "Hardboiled", but fell in love after one song from "The Artist". This song is "Sad song..." or 슬픈 노래는 부르지 않을거야.
It's hypnotic, highly addictive. And I love the backup (yes, in music this is right after bass), that W is singing. It creates an eerie impression.