Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jeong Jae Young - Filmography

The previous entry on JJY movies ends with Wedding Campaign, that depicts his character as mildly mannered (slightly behind normal speed, I would say^^) man going on the continent in order to find wife.

My CaptainMy Captain Mr. Underground (마이 캡틴, 김대출) is a very warm, yet moving film about small grave robber who comes across children as twisted as himself. The strange bond forms. He tells them that he is a special agent from Ministry of National Treasures, and they form a family-like relationship as a series of mishaps continues. I didn't expect the ending like this, but it was the only one possible, I guess. The scene in rain almost at the end is so powerful and emotional.

Righteous TiesYes, Righteous Ties. And we're back to a petty gangster character. The movie starts in a classic gangster way - slashing. Yes, the main character, Chi-sung, is a slasher in the mafia world (quite legendary, according to rumors^^). Due to faithful understanding of mafia code, he is thrown into jail, where he meets an old friend. Betrayed by the mob ( order to kill his parents, and abandoning him), he decides to break out and seek the revenge. I don't want to spoiler everything, but... I just loved small gestures, like fixing (rolling up) the sleeves in some situations, brushing the hair with a hand. It is the sign of full understanding of the character. JJY did an amazing job, finding these gestures and giving them to Chi- sung. But as it was stated, this is an experience built up on the stage.

Going ByThe BookGoing By The Book starts in a slow, sleepy pace - we see a police officer dressing up for work. And simultaneously we see a bank robbery. After series of failures in catching the culprits, police has an idea how to look better in citizens' eyes. The "experiment" soon gets out of control thanks to our quiet police officer Jung Do Man. He takes his part as a robber very seriously. And once again I was delighted by such quiet performance. Jung Do Man has been wrongly treated by his superiors (case with politics, he was appointed from homicide, if I remember right, to traffic team and moved to the provincial precinct), yet he never lost his "coolness". He was methodical and sharp. I feel like I want to see that again (especially the scenes with his two first "victims" in the bank).
250px-Publicenemyreturns3-2Public Enemy Returns. And yet again a gangster character, but this time, a very elegant one. Lee Won-sul is a businessman, but he trains his men like dogs, and treats them like dogs. At the same time he loves his family.He lost his temper once in this movie, and it was very hard. I had problems with watching Kang Cheol-jung (Kyung-gu Sol). I didn't see the first two movies, I don't know if that was the whole idea, but the nervousness and lack of any rules of living of this character worn me out.And for those who are fans of Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers), he did a quite good job here, though he didn't make it until the end of the movie. Yes I spoiled. But most of all, in this drama there is his henchman. Kim Nam Gil. Man nr 2.
The Divine Weapon wallpaper 01Divine Weapon. My first movie with JJY, so I have such warm memories with this one. I was completely smashed to the ground, I ceased to exist. I watched it twice in two days, and I could write an elaborated essay on JJY technique. Yes, it is called obsession. Naah, maybe not.I love period dramas and movies.This was no exception. I watched it right after Frozen Flower, and was excited. It was the very beginning of my love for Korea. And this movie just made me feel like I want to learn everything, including the language."1448, the 30th year of Sejong’s reign. The Ming dynasty’s meddling into Joseon’s domestic affairs goes to extremes and Sejong secretly plans to develop Singijeon, a rocket weapon upgraded from Goryeo’s firearms technology." this quote, taken from AsianMediaWiki is about the plot, but says nothing about the performances. JJY was, as always, brilliant. His nonchalant, yet caring way of life, his shrewdness, and significant smiles were absolutely stunning ( do I sound like a teenager, slap, slap). Although I enjoyed his, Ahn Sung Gi's and Heo Jun Ho's performances, I couldn't stand Han Eun Jeong's. I don't know what happened, her character was so lifeless. But to be honest, there is only one bright light in it (well, Ahn Sung Gi is another, but...).
Castaway On The MoonCastaway on the Moon.It was a very strange movie, up until the second half I wasn't sure of my own feelings. Overall, very physical role of JJY, his transformation was simply amazing, even in his character. But one thing was not right. He got the seeds, sowed them, got the harvest and made the noodles ( great concept, by the way), but the weather didn't change. It takes time for seeds to grow, and I think the time span of the movie has crossed this, but I can be wrong. It seemed to be summer at the beginning or late spring, and Kim dwelt on the island in Seoul. (oh, my, duck boat^^). In overall - good movie.