Saturday, October 05, 2013

On The Radio

   I missed listening to the radio so I tuned in (online) and began discovering and rediscovering some great music. Few of those tunes and songs I present here. I bet majority of those are known to you, but maybe this will trigger your memory and you'll set on a journey of your own.

So here it is:

ALi (알리) - In My Dream [Empire Of Gold OST]

Lost Memories [Two Weeks OST]

I'm still struggling with Bastille. I find them kinda pretentious, yet this single can't get out of my head (so I guess it's not only SMEnt's privilege):

Also some classical music comes now and then.
Hans Zimmer feat. Gioachino Rossini - The Lone Ranger Finale

S. Mercadante - Flute Concerto in E Minor 

Brandy - Have You Ever

胡鴻鈞 - 化蝶 (Full CD Version)