Saturday, September 14, 2013

You Surely Can't Be Serious!

I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.  So I'm back, disinterested in currently airing Kdramas as never before. After having a blast this past Spring, nothing actually caught my attention, not when Under The Dome started and got into me. Yes, I do have Cruel Palace to finish, waiting for two dramas, but not excited about one (medical, brr. Oh, Jihun, the things I'm willing to do for you!). 
Will probably be back to blogging, but real life is somewhat so persistent, it gives me no time to do anything much. Well, this and my innate striving to not do what I should knowing exactly what I'm doing. Or not... well, you got the point.

   There was this conference I applied for and got an email stating that "sorry but no". Rejection doesn't concern me, I'm no wuss who will whine about it and start posting razorblades and wrists on tumblr. But since I like to know a reason behind a simple "no", I wrote back and asked why. I got fine response stating that my topic was "non serious", and regarding popculture. Granted, non-serious is basically full description of what I am and what I do, but there's this trick. They actually wrote in panel topics: popculture. And then dismissed cross-cultural approach to popculture.

   Where's my problem? No, not the "no", I couldn't give a flying squirrel's tail for that. But the attitude towards popculture in general here. Quick check on my feed: oh, there is even 3-days long conference on teenage TV dramas in the US next year. Oh my, some foreign research journal is gathering articles on European fandoms, British journal wants articles with as less anthropological jargon as possible.
You notice the pattern? Abroad. 
World is moving on, taking popculture (whatever it is, actually) as another research field. Only here our universities and societies care so much about pre-War ideas and high-and-mighty topics of discussion. Why? Because being up-to-date requires huge effort, amount of reading that ain't nobody got time for that

That's why I'm not going to leave my popculture worldwide fandoms and have a mission now.
unless new series starts, and I ain't got time for that, ekhem...

Pic from this tumblr.