Friday, April 23, 2010

Jeong Jae Young - Harper's Bazaar 2010

The main cast of Iggi is featured in Harper's Bazaar.
I can't wait for the movie. The plot sounds promising, as for the cast, I have no objections (how could I?), so everything should go smoothly. The movie will be screened against Shrek Part I-Don't-Know-Which.
And I'm not in the party that claims every movie should have the conclusion, closed ending. I have nothing against an open ending. Oh, no, wait, maybe it's because I know what my synapses are for? Maybe it's because it's harder to figure out the possible ending by yourself? Maybe it's harder to think a little? People who are complaining about it, are beyond my understanding. I don't blame them. They were just born that way.
For those who rather enjoy guessing, pondering and being infuriated by the gallop of one's thoughts, an open ending is good.
On the other hand, it may also indicate the weakness of the director/screenwriter, but in most cases, I enjoyed it. It was like this in YAB, many people complained (hell, thousands complained!), where Hwang tae Kyung and Go Mi Nyu were just standing on the rooftop. So many people wanted for the last episode to show how their life will be afterwards.
No, no^^
It leaves us with possibilities. I mean, their love could last forever (wish of every ardent fan of TK/MN), but as for me, they can grow tired, and separate. Maybe after few years they realize that they still care for each other... Posiibilities, people, possibilities.
That is why conclusion kills it. It leaves no space for the imagination.

Back to Iggi , the article in which this photo is featured can be found here:

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 박해일 정재영 ‘이끼’

영화 ‘이끼’는 7월 개봉을 확정했다. ‘이끼’는 아버지의 죽음을 계기로 한 시골 마을에 들어간 청년이 마을의 숨겨진 비밀을 파헤치게 되는 스릴러다. 지난 해 네티즌을 열광시킨 윤태호의 동명 웹툰을 원작으로 충무로 흥행메이커 강우석 감독이 연출하고 박해일, 정재영, 유해진 등이 출연해 화제를 모았다. 시골 마을이라는 고립된 공간을 배경으로 하여 보다 박진감 넘치는 스릴러를 보여줄 예정이다.

강우석 감독은 "항상 고민했고, 당장 다음 회 차에 찍을 장면들에 대해 직전까지도 고심했다. 그래서 두통에 시달려 두통약을 먹으며 견뎠다. 인기 원작과 차별되는 '이끼'를 만들어야 한다는 생각이 컸고, 스릴러 장르를 오랜만에 만드는 나로서, 내 자신에게 있어서도 이전과는 다른 작품"이라고 밝혔다.