Sunday, July 09, 2017

[First Impression] Killjoys 3

Season two left us mourning with Johnny after Pawter died, and with the plot to control the Westerly unfolding even more. The green plasma - the matrix for Super 6, and basically any ability, was explained to be found by Aneela. And from the foreshadowing in the last episodes, we know she and Dutch will meet eventually. And I hope for no confused identity - I did not like that twist in BSG, I won't like it here.
Season 2 got us also few moments that made me question if there's really nothing between Johnny and Dutch, except for years-long, danger-tested, deep friendship. Even if they both do things in secret, in spite of one another, they always end up comforting each other.
And then Johnny went AWOL to respond to an SOS signal...
Let's see how this plays out.

I so missed Killjoys, their witty humor, the mature language, the quirky action. This season started with a theme question uttered during a wonderful, threatening, only vaguely veiled, speech by Dutch - "Do you believe in monsters?" And just when we thought she was talking about Hullens (beings created with plasma), she added that in this story it's not Hullens who are the monsters. Simply wonderful. Writers can weave together fun lines along with the somber sentences seamlessly.

D'Av saying Johnny is Dutch' weakness and he'd come back if she asked might not be far from the truth. And both Dutch and Johnny know about this.

The action takes off at the Dutch' declaration of war - on Hullen and everyone who's involved in the shady, yet massive plot. Last season ended with Khlyen dying and before he told our gang something important about the plasma - it's sentient and it's connected to the source. Every Hullen created/enhanced with plasma from a certain place dies if that place is poisoned. And poison is relatively easy to obtain - from a dead Hullen. In scientific terms Dutch calls it the "black goo".

Dutch and D'Av, along with Pree, Alvis, Turin and Fancy (and recruited Pippin), not to mention the wonderful Lucy (ship's AI, having most likely crush on Johnny, but who doesn't?) know now about the Hullen's plot to turn humans into a parasite-ridden slaves and basically replace them. The finale of season 2 showed us how exactly this could be done - when Westerley was turned into an idiot zone through drugs. And more and more RAC Killjoys are gone missing, so the official investigation starts. And Dutch has no more damns to give so she just leaves. That and she suspects the RAC has been infiltrated by Hullens anyway. That's why Turin's job is to be their contact with RAC offices. John, on his way to find Clara, who sent the SOS signal, sends his team a coordinates of every plasma source he encounters, so that they could prepare for the upcoming war.

Meanwhile Johnny gets thrown into something else - a Hackmod problem, all thanks to missing Clara. He learns about the Hackmod Factory - a place where people get cybernetic implants to make them into weapons or servants of various purposes. And during an ambush, it turns out that the guy who attacked Olli (she now has the cybernetic arm that Clara used to have) is Hullen - John discovers under his face another one, all covered in plasma. It's getting more and more intense.

The first episode ended up with D'Avin taking off in one of the cloaked Hullens' ships - he knew how to get inside and he looked much absent-minded. Now I have to jump to episode 2 to know what's happening!!