Saturday, February 04, 2017

Ash is Back. The Evil Dead too...

Ash is back. Bloodier. Gorier (is that even a word??) and funnier than ever.
Only for people who think fighting against a large intestine is fun.

The season 2 starts in Jacksonville where Ash does what Ash does best - partying. Unfortunately, the forces of Evil somehow didn't get the memo about Ash' retirement and start making troubles.

And by forces of evil, I mean the evil spawn of Ruby and Baal. Episode 2 of this season featured this news (even though Pablo feared he's the father of the naked-assed monstrosities because... you know... nevermind). This episode is also the scene of the weirdest fight I have EVER seen, and mind you, I watch mega-mecha-anaconda vs. octosaurus movies. The fight was between Ash and a dead man's rectum. Yes, let's leave it at that. You gotta see it to believe it. Morgue will never look the same.

The time Pablo spent with necronomicon on his face gave him the ability to have premonitions. And not one of them allows him to see the lucky numbers at the lottery. Then we have two teenagers who steal Ash' car - Delta where he (oh the wise man!) his the Necronomicon. Turns out, Delta is possessed and goes on a killing spree. Again, you gotta see it.

Quintessential Ash
I don't want to spoil the whole season, because those of you who like gore, nonsense, over the top violence and exactly this kind of entertainment - you'd probably have seen it 45 times already. I won't convince no one who doesn't like this kind of absurd, obscene, gore, dirty, disgusting fun. The second season takes over from the first one and treads further away - and then it looses any inhibitors. It goes all the way into the land of madness. It's this kind of entertainment where no one wonders about politics, correctness, modesty, playing safe and nice. Ash represents our society - whether we want it or not. In the majority, not the exceptions.

You watch it on your own prescription.
Also, I applaud the actors for managing to shoot those hilarious scenes.
Last but not least - music - classic rock makes this series awesome.

And the trailer: