Thursday, December 18, 2014

Maids - first impression


   We're having Chuno reunion here, ladies and gentlemen.
The official website is here.

   It's hard to judge a drama after first episode,and I would be less eager if it wasn't for the tv station that made it (writer has only one title on the job list so I won't venture here). I was incredibly hooked on Cruel Palace last year, so when I saw JTBC logo on it, I had to check this drama.

   What has caught my attention from the start is a very light touch in filming crowds, scenes bustling with people's energy and voices, laughter, small talks, nudges - just a natural scene as if not filmed. There are two during the first episode - the open kitchen and interiors, and the second one - the market. Really liked the feel of those scenes. Since the director made also Harvest Villa, the character of crowded space is kind of similar. And trust me, nothing roars "danger" as much as some bull run amuck. Because if we don't have cars/trucks/bikes in Joseon to save damsels from, we have cattle to fill in.


   Yes, my dear people, as you can see on the chart above, everyone is here. Everyone. And let's hope Jeon Nomin will survive till the end, but after his scene I have my doubts. Ahn Naesang plays King Taejong which gives us time frame of the (maybe future) events (1400-1418). I like Mr. Ahn but immediately after I read King Taejong, I had this Prince Bangwon who slaughtered his way to the throne and Mr. Ahn's face is somehow disconnected from the bloodthirsty prince who became Taejong. But what do I know? This drama starts when Bangwon is not yet the King, so a girl can hope for some bloodshed, right?

   I'm not sure if Mumyeong (Nameless? Lightless?) just plays this gullible on the verge of being retarded man or if he really is like that. One thing's for sure, he's not what he's pretending to be. In-yeob is quite an uppity bitch, if you ask me, so she needs a reality check, and from what I can read she'll get a harsh one.
After Baekya, I said to myself to watch anything watchable (The Blade and the Petal is excluded from this list) with Lee Yikyeong and since he's here, I'm also here. He's a womanizer so far, having sex with anything with a pulse, but since he's on the poster, I'm assuming he's playing a bigger part in the plot. For which I can't wait.

So, if you like revolts, blood, ahjusshis, a bit of history, dramatic music, ragged Oh Jiho, gisaengs and "plotting in nice clothing", this might be your cup of gin. Or whatever's your poison.

And last but not least, hi there, cutie^^:

I'm watching^^