Saturday, May 21, 2011

Korean Olympus

   I've been meaning to write about this trend for some time already. I hesitated a bit, playing a good, benign girl, but then I came to my senses. Looks like The Land Of Morning Calm turned into Pantheon. Every second actress is a goddess. This one "has legs lke a goddess", other one "blows her nose like a goddess", or eats a ramyeon "like a goddess", the other one "lies down like a goddess". I never saw how a goddess lies down, but apparently, journalists over there did. And I have to take their word for it.

Minoan Goddess

Overusing something rare turns it into common thing. The same is with depicting persons/things/crazyness. People want to describe something in a way it wasn't described before. Very good - this is a ground for a creativity. But being amateurish in the usage of words shows not some super knowledge about all that may be called as "metaphor and epithet world", but makes the author of it a bit of a laughstock. 
Calling everyone by the name restricted usually to some exceptionally outstanding character/look weakens the actual word. Take "marvelous" as an example.
1. Causing wonder or astonishment.
2. Too improbable to admit of belief.
3. Being or having the character of a miracle.
But nowadays, everyone uses this word as an equivalent to "great". "Marvelous" is not great, it is by far higher. But who cares? 
Another example? On D-A there is this thread: "Best Hong Sisters' Masterpiece". This title is so stupid I had to comment. Best and masterpiece is like watery water. Just show me a bad masterpiece and I will give in. Of course, there is this possibility - to be the masterpiece in crap-category. Like Mary Should Stayed In Hell. But this is a topic for another story.


   The same thing goes for the word "goddess". What is the connotation to it? Aphrodite? I bet, if any actress in Korea was shown the actual, ancient images of the said goddess, they would cry. Oh, the feminine curves, the hips, the tummy... omo!
Calling every actress "a goddess" will soon result in one thing - the necessity to create another word describing her "heavenly and flawless" beauty. But you see, a goddess is someone who is not of this word. That doesn't imply she is from "the good side of the other side" (jeez, I'm making myself confused without any drop of gin), but she may come from the darkest corners of our psyche/or otherworld/or whatever.
Example? Black Kali. The goddess of death and annihilation with a necklace of human skulls on her chest. Well... such a nice comparison.

I don't mind calling an actress"a goddess", no. It's not my main point. My main point is overusing it. Lately, whenever a photoshoot of any given lady is coming out, it has this damn word in the title or article. 

Taweret - a hybrid of woman, lion, hippo and crocodile.

   So why Ares as the anchor picture? Those, who know Greek mythology are aware that Ares and Aphrodite had an affair. So I'm waiting for calling Korean actors "a god-like". Or maybe I missed something? Plus, there is something about Ares that is not often mentioned. Yes, every kid knows he is a god of war and fight. But to be more precise - Ares is a god of uncontrollable blodshed, rage and fury. Somehow K-entertainment makes me feel like Ares incarnated (SMEnt, whassup? Wanna... play?).
But as far as I see it... Korean young "actors" (yeah, yeah, you!) prefer to be called hermAphrodite. Oh well...

Gaius Petronius said once - a thousand of naked women is less impressive than one.
That's what I'm talking about.