Saturday, January 30, 2016

And Then There Were None

Since the miniseries was really mini (3 episodes), I decided to watch this. Especially that it was packed with known names, some of which I even like. 
The series is based on Agatha Christie's one of the most famous novels under the same title. The title itself was changed, as it was deemed to be offensive. Also, the poem and the island's name were also changed (to "ten Little Soldiers" and Soldier Island respectively).
I read people were wailing about the ending not being exactly as it was in the book, but sometimes what works for the literary world, doesn't translate well in other medium.
At least, they didn't run into the sunset together.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Tzuyu drama - a historical background

Pop-culture tries to stay oblivious to politics and history, which is hard, especially in such volatile region as East Asia, where every country is hating its neighbors, while maintaining diplomatic, economic and cultural relationship. Russia and Japan still do not have peace treaty signed, ending the WWII, North Korea and South Korea are in the same situation since 1953 having only signed the armistice, North Korea kidnapped Japanese citizens and some never returned, S. Korea and Japan fight over Dokdo/Takeshima, China and Japan fight over Diaoyu/Senkaku and Taiwan was erased from world maps in 1972.
That's why I love history. It helps to understand the dynamics in some regions or countries, it provides a background to what is happening now, in 21st century. But the tricky part with the history is this: it's always written by the victors, so one needs to be extra critical when it comes to the sources. It helps to read from various perspectives, even if it's a little tiring. In the latest spat over a tiny flag held by a tiny girl, no side is without a fault.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Immortal Song 2 - Ryeowook

He did not win, but I'm more than happy to see him on IS2 again! The rumor has it - he wanted to be back. They sang the songs of Kim Gwangseok today.
The cut is below.

Friday, January 22, 2016

January music

Some of these songs are ballads, so be warned. But actually it's a mix of folk, indie, rock, and R'n'B.
Not much, only a handful.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thirty Something - First Impressions

I know little about the insurance companies' policy, so I try my best to follow the plot here. I liked this drama from the first episode, mainly because of Xiu Jie Kai, who has a spot in my drama landscape.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bromance ruminations

I think at this point I can honestly say I am ready to write some thoughts I've been having regarding this series. Twdramas are in constant pendulum motion from cute/sweet/cheesy/lovely to serious. This bipolar disorder is not something that is easy to accept and appreciate. Personally, I do not like all-serious episodes after episodes. Sure, I can appreciate, but I do not enjoy. There has to be light so we could see the shadows (oh, what a pathos, good one) and fluff is something to counterbalance our real life. I'd much rather see a silly series that makes me feel good, makes me believe world is not what it seems every damn day, makes me all giggly and happy inside. And one day, Bromance came my way as I intended to return to dramaland. And what a return it was! Two series were mentioned on Instagram and I decided to watch first episodes of both, Marry Me, Or Not? and Bromance.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Riders: Catch Tomorrow - first impressions

 It is visible from the start it isn't Main 3 drama. The synopsis from Asianwiki doesn't sound too exciting, right? 
Ki-Joon (Kim Dong-Wook) has been working at a large company for one year, but he is now sick and tired of being overworked at the company. He quits his job and starts a rickshaw business with friends Yoon-Jae (Choi Min), Joon-Wook (Yoon Jong-Hoon) and a former national cyclist Tae-Ra (Choi Yeo-Jin). Meanwhile, So-Dam (Lee Chung-Ah) begins part-time work at Ki-Joon's office. Ki-Joon falls in love with her at first sight. 
The only common thing is one over-controlling Mother-From-Hell.
Started to watch this because my friend, tweeted about this. But be advised, if nuna romance ends badly here, I will end you!