Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alien Sector 7

   A movie about a group of people in a closed environment fighting with some monster. No, not Alien this time. But the concept looks dangerously close. 
It's about a group of people... oh wait, I wrote that. One more time - it's about a mutated monster (because plain monster is so passé!) and people trying to survive its murderous insticts/appetite/failed-try-at-relationship. They are all trapped on an oil platform. I bet lightning strikes the tower and they will be out of electricity and phones.
I'm all for it. I hate movies in 3D, because as for me, they just cover up the flaws in script and/or directing. But I will watch this one when it's out. First reason? Ahn Seonggi. Second reason? Bloodbath.
And I can almost name the characters that will be dying one by one. The woman, played by Ha Jiwon will survive. As Ripley did.
The other lady, clean scientist, will probably die, just because she is the total opposite of the protagonist. Any comic relief will die too shooting out his last round of ammo, screaming: "Oh, come on, motherf*ck...! I don't have all day!!"... or something to this sort. Or maybe not, they ain't space marines after all.

Oh, that will be fun!
Trapped group of people and unknown danger. Reminds me of students writing an exam in a class. 
In University, no one can hear you scream...