Monday, December 19, 2011

So, people, What's Up!

   OK, after few busy days, hectic days ahead. I moved out (old flat owners being jerks, but it's normal here), and since I have warm (WARM!!) room, I restarted watching dramas. Two, actually. The Cutie Vampire Prosecutor and What's Up!. Since I rambled few times about how awesome vampire... I mean the show, show is, now I will spazz how awesome What's Up! drama is.
Basically - this drama can be enjoyed even by those who are not into Kdrama. Why? It's about music, and believe me, music knows no boundaries, no language barriers etc.
It's universal in it's portrayal of musicals.

   I did watch first episode of Dream High, and I tried to keep up with some threads on this drama, but it was childish, immature and glitteringly pop (jeezas, I almost described SuJu songs...). I didn't like it. I'm going through The Musical as well, but, contrary to the title, there are no musicals in it. They deceived me.
I will not lie, I knew I HAVE to see it knowing that Oh Manseok and Daesung were casted, like, last year? As for the first man, I even watched King and I drama, and I stalk YT for his musical cuts. I adore him. As for Daesung, I love his voice to bits. So, having two people who can sing in one drama about musicals was more than enough to drag me in.
Actually, I wrote about that long time ago here, ekhem...

   There is no single minute I don't love in this drama. Of course we have two parties forming now - defiant professor of the university and the Director (or rather Dean) that hates him. Both played by Oh Manseok and Kim Mi-Kyeong respectively. And we have students characters drawn clearly (or blurry too). Main protagonist, Jang Jae-Hun (played by incredibly natural Im Juhwan) is good-for-nothing petty thief who has epiphany one day and decides to go to acting school (due to some prank he's going to musical department, which is nice for someone who has no idea what a musical is). Ha Do-Sung (Kang Daesung) is a real sweetie with huge shadow of not wanted child. Eun Chae-Young (Jang Heejin) is a former actress that was into business for more than 10 years, acting like a snotty princess and a star. Tae-Yi (Kim Jiwon), a country, free spirited and amazing girl that has no problem with crying ehile explaining her blunder. Kim Byeongjeon (Jo Jeongseok), chaebol son who had to lie he's enrolled to some 'proper' studies...
There are lot of characters, lot of space to fill with them.

So, should we start singing about kimchi now?
   But most of all, we have music and dancing! Real musical sequences! Imagination of characters and just that dose of surreality that depicts musicals, and which puts off most of the people ("omo, they are walking and instead of saying 'hello' they start to sing and dance across the street"). Yes, musical classic. But this is actually what I find so enchanting in musicals - that dose of surreality. Sometimes it's easier to sing a song to describe your feelings (Sorry Sorry) than to say the actual words.

   This is also the magic of musicals. In my opinion, the usual voice is unable to convey so much emotions in comparison to singing one. Only singing can move us to tears (be it "awesomeness" or "omg, he/she's trying too hard") and reach to the deepest layers of our subconsciousness. What moved Jae-Hun? The aria from Phantom of The Opera describing borderline schizophrenia, possessiveness and sick love (oh yes, teens would call that "wuuuv").

Speaking voice - pansy, singing voice - god.

   Any complaints?
No, not any.
If someone doesn't like singing people, dancing people, will never like and appreciate musicals. I'm not forcing anyone to watch or setting bar too high, but approach to sing/dance drama must be different from the others.
This is why I do like choreo in boy groups. Because I love them men/boys dancing.

You know, I wouldn't be me if I didn't throw my main vocal here, especially when I have the occasion. And even if I don't, I'll create one.
Daesung sang "This is the moment" from Jekyll & Hyde musical, and everyone sings that everywhere (in The Musical too), and I bet we'll hear that as well sometime soon, but let me give you one video.
I like Dae's voice, and imma let you finish... but Mr. Hong has absolute voice. Period.


Phantom of The Opera aria:


And a gift I just made^^


And maybe some of you know, some don't, Jo Jeongseok who plays our good-boy-Kim is a musical actor, known for his appearance in Rent musical: