Thursday, December 01, 2011

“Best of the Best”

Oh, I already now who will win, but anyway, doing what I can to rig the polls, mehehe.
The voting website is here.
Again, another poll on popularity more than being best, honestly.

On November 28th, SBS MTV opened polls granting fans the opportunity to help their favorite artists win the “Best of the Best” awards. With three categories and subcategories for each, fans can vote for their favorite music videos, live performances, and other unique awards.

Under “Best Music Video,” fans can vote for their favorites in “Best New Artist,” “Artist of the Year,” “Best Male” and “Best Female”.

Nominees for “Best New Artist” include: Huh Gak (“Hello”), Boy Friend (“Don’t Touch My Girl”), Block B (“Tell Them”), B1A4 (“Beautiful Target”), MYNAME (“Message”), Dal Shabet (“Bling Bling”), A Pink (“I Don’t Know”), Brave Girls (“Easily”), 5dolls (“Like This or Like That”) and Rania (“Dr. Feel Good”).

Nominees for “Artist of the Year” include: PSY (“Right Now”), TVXQ (“Why (Keep Your Head Down)”), Super Junior (“Mr. Simple”), 2NE1 (“Ugly”), UV (“Itaewon Freedom”), Girls’ Generation (“The Boys”), f(x) (“Hot Summer”), Gain (“Irreversible”), Lee Juck (“With You”) and IU (“The Story Only I Didn’t Know”).

Nominees for “Best Male” include: 2PM (“Hands Up”), Infinite (“Be Mine”), U-Kiss (“Neverland”), Teen Top (“No More Perfume on You”), CN Blue (“Intuition”), Sung Shikyung (“I Like It”), MBLAQ (“Mona Lisa”), BEAST (“Fiction”), GD&TOP (“High High”) and TVXQ (“Why (Keep Your Head Down)”).

Nominees for “Best Female” include: Secret (“Love Move”), SISTAR (“So Cool”), IU (“God Day” ), Brown Eyed Girls (“Sixth Sense”), 2NE1 (“I Am the Best”), T-ara (“Roly Poly”), Miss A (“Good Bye Baby”), Girls’ Generation (“The Boys”), KARA (“Step”) and Wonder Girls (“Be My Baby”).

Sub-categories under “Best Live” include “Top Rival,” “Global Star,” “Girl Group,” “Boy Group,” and “Hot Debut Star”.

In “Top Rival,” voters are asked to select a pair of artists with live stages that could rival each other. The optional pairings include: Super Junior vs. Big Bang, Girls’ Generation vs. Wonder Girls, 2PM vs. BEAST, Secret vs. f(x), 2NE1 vs. KARA, and Jay Park vs. G.Na.

Nominees for “Global Star” include: Secret, BEAST, 2NE1, KARA, Girls’ Generation, T-ara, Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee and TVXQ. Nominees for “Girl Group” include: Girls’ Generation, Secret, Wonder Girls, KARA, f(x), After School, Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute, 2NE1 and T-ara.

Nominees for “Boy Group” include: BEAST, 2PM, Super Junior, Infinite, Teen Top, Big Bang, TVXQ, MBLAQ, CN Blue and FT Island. Nominees for

“Hot Debut Star” include: B1A4, Rania, Block B, MYNAME, AA, A Pink, Dal Shabet, Boy Friend, Brave Girls and Chocolat

Finally, under “Best Idol Star,” fans have the option of writing in the names of their favorite idols. Questions in this section include “Which idol do you think would succeed if s/he released a solo album?”, “Which idol is the most intellectual?”, “’I am the King of drinking, singing and dancing!’ Who is the best mood maker?” and “Which idol would you most like to invite to a Christmas Party?”

From December 5th until December 18th, SBS MTV will be holding “nominees’ specials” to introduce viewers to the nominees. From December 19th to 29th, on Monday and Tuesdays, SBS MTV will announce the winners of the “Best Live” categories, while on Wednesdays and Thursdays, they will announce the winners of the “Best Music Video” categories. Finally, on Sunday the 18th and 25th, SBS MTV will announce the winners of their “Best Idol Star” categories, broadcasting the wins on their new show hosted by Block B’s Zico and Mighty Mouth, “Studio C”.

Polls will be open for two weeks until December 11. Registration is not required and fans can vote for their favorite idols every 10 minutes.