Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oppa is safe??

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   So, Kim Jong Il is dead and girls all around the globe worry about... yes, you read that right, their oppas in the military! The son of late dictator is said to be far worse than his father, Japan braces itself, S. Korea, Australia and USA are iffy about political and military consequences.
Fangirls, on the other hand, have more serious problem. Oppa is in the military!!
Yeah, like they will be ever sent up front, if any.

   Some idiots are saying "he was communist and I hate communism". Given that comes that from probably average reader of boards, that is 14-yo girl who never lived in a communist country and has absolutely no f*cking idea what does it mean.

"Please no more mandatory military service!!"
"What does this have to do with Kpop? Without South Korea would there even be KPop? This can affect South Korea and KPop all together. All the citizens, idols, comedians, actress, actors, they can all get hurt. Think about all the idols in the war like Super Junior's Kangin and Heechul, Bi Rain, and all the idols that are going to go to the army, like Leeteuk. All music will be put to a stop, everything in South Korea will get affected. KPop's future might be gone. Think about it.
That's how it affects KPop."
"celebirtys had to go to military for this.... he attacked southe korea alot -___-"
"not related to kpop but duhh to Korea...and the military is on high alert...which means our oppas in the military are on high alert...please be safe"
"Also, Korean celebrities go to the military for this cause"
"omg south koreans, be ready. kpop stars, ESCAPE. actually, EVERYONE ESCAPE NOWWWW :S"
"Seriously. To people who think that this has nothing to do with K-POP. Think about Heechul and all those stars in the army. If shit happens, they might be the ones in the frontline. Think about those K-POP stars. They are KOREANS. If SKorea goes into war with NKorea, who knows what might happen to them? So stop being so immature, saying that this has nothing to do with K-POP."
"Uh, plenty of idols are in that military that's just been put on red alert. For all we know, this could lead to war and who knows what could happen to the idols. They could be targeted, the industry shut down, be barred from leaving the country..."
"OMG i am worried Heechul is still there and Leeteuk is enrolling soon!!
"well atleats SNSD and Kara are safe atm.."
I kept the original spelling.

This is a face that says: "b*tch, are you retarded?"
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Even Jonghyeon can't process the stupid among fangirls:
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