Thursday, December 01, 2011

Winter is coming

   Sorry for lack of any activity here, but my invisibility will last until December 10th. On the day before, one conference takes place and I have loads to prepare.
But when I close and settle everything, I will troll and I will spam yet again! Kind of resurrection soon.
I'm also looking for a new flat with one condition I'm taking as the guidepost - warm. All I need is more than 15 degrees in the winter, and I don't find it too extravagant. The place I live now doesn't even deserve the rent fee, not to mention private owner fee.
When snow hits my city, I will post some pictures as well, hopefully my shoes will be fixed then, my DVD drive will be fixed then, and chain of my extremely bad luck this year will be broken then.

   The bad thing is - I had to put all dramas on hold. All. I guess I will catch up with everything (muwahaha!! my optimism kills me sometimes) when I have time and slightly higher blood sugar level.
Winter... I liked winter as a kid, and then, after living in a really cold flat in Boston, I hated it. Now I hate it as well. Still, I know it's OK, there are people who are homeless, who die from freezing on the streets and under bridges, so I'm not complaining. Much.
And for the first time since long long gone childhood, I feel fuzzy thinking of Christmas time. Because of Big Dipper Christmas single teaser. It makes me warmer in a second.

OK, need to go.
The tea won't make itself.
The rum won't add itself to it.

By the time I'm free again, I bet The Diva will do something bash-worthy. Ufufu, I'm being hateful, nanana...