Wednesday, September 12, 2012


picture from here.

   This hater can't refrain from commenting on this spectacular event. Gyaru subculture is osmosing into other countries (believe me I saw them in Europe), so of course Korea's leading fashion criminal fashionista, that is The Diva, had to dress him-/her-/itself up as one. Of course all was done as a parody of a parody from a comedy live show. Just so such antis as myself could be easily shut down with: "you have no sense of humor! Oppa was joking!" Oh yeah, I do get it, his entire public persona is a huge joke right now, ha ha ha.
All jokes aside, gyaru subculture scares the living crap out of me, puzzles and makes me vomit. I find nothing cute in it.

   Oh and btw. I researched a bit and it seems like there are male gyaru too, called Sentaa or Sentaa Guys. According to the description from this very informative website, "Sentaa or Sentaa Guys as for lack of a better term male Manbas...They wear the same Alba Rosa pants and have the same long lion manes teased up 4 inches. They wear the same make-up and even dress in tons of pink. One common difference is the amount of jewelry accosted by a Sentaa-Kun...usually tons of beaded "raver" bracelets or Madonna-esque jelly bracelets cling to their super tan arms. Flip flops are a must...flat ones."

Male Manba... male manbra...
Now everything seems so perfectly clear.

   Since gyaru are not interested neither in work nor marriage, I have one question - how they can afford their make-up and cheap jewelry supply? They don't have thousands of eels that can be stripped bare just to fund another building capri pants. 
Let's face it, no matter how different authors writing about gyaru subculture want to defend them and push their own view that gyaru is just a modern geisha, gyaru image caters to the needs middle-aged salarymen in Japan. And even geisha, romanticized and dressed with a nimbus of purity and clean talk only, was a courtesan. Better equipped, educated, high class yet courtesan nonetheless. They had sexual clients too.
That doesn't mean all gyaru are prostitutes, but they project such image.

History of gyaru subculture here explained in details.