Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some news

I rarely was this busy.
I went to my parents' for Easter, came back, and slept 4 hours a day to catch up with everything and it's still not done. Yup, with Kpop in the background because it's so erotic energetic that it keeps me on my feet. I don't want to get all mushy and personal, so some news, as in the title.
JYJ is banned in Japan. Sky is blue, grass is green...


The idol trio JYJ, recently launched their official Japanese website for their fans in the country.
With intense responses, the website went down due to extreme traffic that was bombarding the site since it has opened.
It is well documented that JYJ is blacklisted from all major music shows and events and to still receive such loyal support is an impressive feat.
In a recent report, it tells that JYJ not only received banishment from media outlets but from product manufacturers as well.
In a recent tweet by hans_shop, it told a story by a former factory employee.
There’s a sad news. I thought I’ll be able to talk about it freely here.. Among my friends, there’s someone who produced idol’s official goods, and when asked why don’t they make JYJ’s goods and why JYJ’s goods are limited, it turns out that among Korean’s goods maker, JYJ is banned.. Once (a company) worked with JYJ, they won’t be offered contracts from other major companies. It’s shocking that it’s not only SM, even other major companies also do the same. So none of the manufacturer could do anything, thus JYJ’s goods become rare items since the manufacturing is difficult due to the vicious cycle (of banning companies), that’s why the other day’s collection card was sold at a high price.. Under this type of bullying (?) in the entertainment world is the worst environment, yet they didn’t lose their popularity and still walked on their own path, I really respect them for that.
Our hearts go out to JYJ and hope they will continue to keep fighting on.
Source: JYJ3 

More unpleasant news follow.
K-entertainment has its dark sides too, and not glomorized by Power of The Force etc. but hideous, disgusting people creeping out from the corners like spiders.

Open World Entertainment CEO arrested for alleged sexual harassment on artists and trainees

The CEO of Open World Entertainment, the agency that houses The Boss, X-5, and Jun Jin, has been revealed to be arrested on alleged charges of sexual harassment.

On April 10th, he was arrested by undercover investigators near Gangnam for allegedly sexually harassing, assaulting, and raping his agency’s artists and trainees. Reports to investigators were filed a month earlier and officials have been working on the case since then, interviewing over 20 victims and testifiers, gathering further evidence on the case.

Investigators finally arrested him the day following his return from Japan and were cleared for a search and seizure warrant on the entire company building. Because investigators speculated that he and his associates would attempt to get rid of the evidence, they stood guard for five hours, interviewing group The Boss and their label mates to confirm all the details.

Police were able to find that the sexual assaults occurred on the company’s fifth floor along with the choreography rehearsal studio, which is located in the basement. Police were able to confiscate all CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) footage present in the building.

An official stated, “We’ve been receiving countless reports that the CEO was using his higher position to regularly sexually harrass and assault his trainees. Over 30 victims are involved in the case.”

Meanwhile, actor Go Joo Won as well as Shin Ji Soo was also housed under Open World Entertainment, and there were also a large number of girl group trainees. Jang is currently denying the charges made against him.

Sources: allkpop

Open World CEO denies all but six charges

Open Word Entertainment‘s CEO has changed his stance since the news first broke out, for he has now admitted to a portion of the suspicions against him.

Kangnam Police Station reported on the morning of April 12th, ‘We arrested Mr. Jang on the suspicions of sexual harassment and sexual assault, and the total amount of female victims are six, with two of them being teens, who are underage.”

They continued, “Different from before, when he denied all of the accusations, he has now admitted to a portion of them,” and issued out a warrant of arrest.

Although specific details about the victims have not been revealed, it has been reported that among the victims were celebrity-hopefuls who had not even yet signed an official contract with the agency.

The police is reported to have acquired statements from female victims who testified that “Mr. Jang had commanded male idol group members to sexually assault us“, and is investigating the details. They stated, “This is a sex crime of a sensitive nature which we are currently in the midst of investigating, so we are approaching it with caution. The exact breakdown of the suspicions will have to wait until the investigation ends, and we cannot confirm for you everything regarding the female victims.”

Source: AKP

 To lighten the mood a bit... You know, despite my insane love for 1/5th of SHINee, I can't force myself to like this album, despite good lyrics (kkk), the music is shitty as if SMEnt gave boys some leftovers tunes saying "do something with that". Sherlock being dynamic but nothing special really.
Lately they sang rockish version of Stranger on Lee Sora's 2nd Proposal. I don't care about anyone except for middle one, maybe maybe Onew comes a bit close. The song is nothing special still. Amigo in rock version was really something.


Oh yes, I know some are already tired about my orgasmic posts about few voices out there. I don't care. Bad news - I won't stop spazzing over this derp above or some others. Treat it like a Dino's birthday reminder, cause I was away and I couldn't haunt you all with that, kkk...
I wouldn't be myself if I didn't throw him here:

And I dropped Fashion King. Actually I tried to force myself to Yu Ah-in, but damn, his mannerism is dancing on my nerves too much and I only liked him in Antique, his over the top acting in SKKS was a bit off too, but I let it slide.
12 Men in a Year ended... sniff. But at least it ended with hope, the way I wanted, for some a bitter conclusion, for some a hopeful one (I liked Miru's last words to Jin-oh about the writer Lee).
Keeping up with DerpChun^^ but that's a given. I even finished Ripley for him, eh...
I swear, if Namgil-nim decides to do the drama/movie with LDH that will be the saddest day of my nearest life.