Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kim Junsu is perfect flawless human

May will be such a hard month...
But I wish they'd leave his hair for now, and he should eat more, pabo.

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of Kim Junsu’s management, told enews on April 19, “17,000 tickets, two days’ worth of seats for Kim Junsu’s solo concert, were sold out in just five minutes after they were opened this afternoon (April 19) at 8 p.m.” The concerts will take place from May 19-20 in Seoul.
The rep added, “Because the server froze as soon as all the seats sold out when they were opened up for sale, all of the tickets actually sold out in just three or four minutes.”
Kim Junsu’s concert was also a hotly searched item on various portal sites as soon as the ticket sales were opened. The announcement of Kim Junsu’s first solo album and exclusive concerts shook up social networks across the web, and an official from Interpark stated, “After news broke out on Kim Junsu’s concert, 70-80 percent of our operators have been put in charge of Kim Junsu-related inquiries.”
An official from C-JeS said, “We saw how much anticipation the public is showing toward Kim Junsu’s album when the concert sold out in just five minutes, even though the concept of the album hadn’t been revealed yet. We’ll be deciding on whether we’ll be holding another round of ticket sales after seeing how many tickets are canceled on April 23, but it looks like there’s a slim chance we’ll be having another round.”
When he starred in the musical Mozart, Kim Junsu sold out 45,000 seats in just five minutes, and for Tears of Heaven, 15,000 seats sold out in just two minutes. In the case of Elisabeth, he sold out 32,000 seats in 10 minutes.

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