Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sex abuse scandal by the CEO of a famous agency

Not for anyone who can'ts stomach sex abuse.

“There was even a sixth grader among the sexually abused victims.”

Following the shocking news of the sex abuse scandal by the CEO of a famous agency, a witness to another sex abuse scandal from a different agency has stepped forward and held an exclusive interview with tvN’s enews.
The April 19 broadcast of tvN’s enews focused on the sex abuse scandal that has recently rocked the entertainment world. During the interview that day, Noh (the interviewee) discussed the hidden and shameful truths of the entertainment world.

Noh revealed, “What shocked me the most was the fact that a certain agency CEO had sexually abused a sixth grader. He would touch her thighs and breasts, and would forcefully kiss her against her will. He did all sorts of bad things.”

“I was particularly shocked when I saw the nude pictures that were taken by the CEO in the news. He took advantage of the trainees and took the nude photos of them saying ‘he would make them a star’. He used his position and took advantage of kids who didn’t know any better,” Noh said.

Furthermore, Noh revealed an even more shocking truth. The agency trainees were ordered to have relations and get sponsored by famous broadcasting directors, producers, company CEO’s and investors.

Regarding this issue, Noh revealed, “The agency CEO would order his trainees to go to a "meeting" with people drinking there. But who has just a "meeting" with people drinking? They had to go there to serve and entertain."

He added, “The same (sex abuse) behavior can probably be found in 8 out of 10 agencies. The public never hears about them because the incidents are rarely reported due to the victims’ fears. There is going to be a lot of victims [in the coming days].”

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Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee