Wednesday, April 27, 2011


   I was thinking (yes, it happens sometimes to me. Extremely painful. Kids, don't do that at home!) of my lost chances in life. But instead of depressing myself and reaching Mariana Trench of self-esteem piercing, I looked down on the bright side of it. Ironically there is one. And what's more ironic in it - it started (not, not with a kiss) with SKKS. Even though Park Yucheon was my little darling in DBSK, I have sworn I would never watch any drama with an idol after suffering whole 30 minutes of Heading to the Ground. So this was on my ME-NOT-WATCHIN-AND-DO-NOT-PERSUADE list. Gender-bender and pretty, pretty Park Minyeong as a fake boy was just a big extra reason for it.
The scale of my mistake I understood somewhere in the middle of the first episode.
So I said to myself: Do not judge the book by its cover! So that you won't have any regrets!
So I did. 

Ah, dark was my one hour of Mary Should Stay In Hell, kaleidoscopic was one hour of Playful Kiss. But at least I tried. I didn't back off. So now I can proudly say: Yes, I watched one episode of this-and-this cra... I mean drama. I hated it.
Why am I writing this? Because currently I'm incredibly addicted to Midas. Even though my mind is in it's blank state when all funds and professional vocabulary are in use (incomprehensible even in my mother tongue), I enjoy the drama to the fullest.
And to be honest, I was extremely sceptical about watching that. I took it under the consideration, yet I wasn't so sure I would actually watch it. I like Jang Hyeok, but the laconic description on dramawiki had everything that put me off. Quote: "A business drama about mergers and acquisitions between companies." (dramawiki)
How boring is that?
But when I started, I couldn't stop.

My point is - never I will be hungry again! Errmm... No, wait, that was someone else, someplace over Tara... damn.
My point is - do not be discouraged by the description. Ever.