Thursday, April 07, 2011

JYJ - errhmm... again

Oh, kitties!! Kitties!!
   Previous post was just to separate another post with JYJ. I did this so not to be perceived as an obsessed lady. I'm not, everyone knows that.
As you probably know, JYJ donated 600 million Won to earthquake and tsunami stricken Japan, and on June 6th (or 7th, my memory sometimes fails me), there will be big Charity Event by boys. And as you may expect, there are no tickets left.

Some pictures to sweeten your upcoming weekend.
And since I'm The-Middle-Letter in JYJ slightly biased, mostly focusing on Yucheon. But even though I have to say that Junsu has nice pics in here (not because of kitties, no. My favorite - being behind the window^^). Jaejung, well, he still grows on me, I know he's an angel and really nice guy, but somehow, yet... well...

Well, you CAN'T be immune to this charm. It's just given.

Pictures: SharingYoochun