Thursday, February 02, 2017

Throwback Thursday Part 17

Today's TT is to February 2nd 1962 - when 8 of 9 planets aligned together for the first time in 400 years!! Oh-em-gee!! It means absolutely nothing except for the fact I can write this post 55 years later! This is why the songs are inspired by planets. AKA: some of my faves crammed into a horribly far-fetched category to satisfy my needs!

Here it is:

Of course first thing that comes to mind is Gustav Holst and his The Planets. A wonderful portion of music.

Well, we can't deny there WAS Freddie Mercury, so...
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Bananarama - Venus

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Alan Kuo - Ling/Zero (Mars theme song)

Nat King Cole - Fly Me To The Moon. Well, it mentions Jupiter, and it HAD to be Nat.

Sleeping At Last - Saturn.

Björk - Himnaför. Well, my Icelandic is rusty (read: non-existant) but I believe she sang something like Uranus there.

Ian Brown - Neptune

The Creatures - Pluto Drive. Even though it was kicked out of the planets club. Poor Pluto...

And to nicely sum up: Grégoire - Rue des étoiles