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2012 in Kpop

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   Last year I prepared my first post summing up the whole 2011 in broadly perceived Kpop funky land. This time - 2012 in a perspective of one rarely serious idiot fangirl, that is me. Like it's any different from any other post >.> 
What happened to Kpop Imaginarium this past year? Quite a lot, yet not everything on huge scale. And to calm down all shivering with antici...pation - "Oppa didn't mean it" is also here.
I didn't include all 6589 debuts of nugu groups and all comebacks because that would use up all my bandwidth (and next week).

Here we go.

- We learned that Oppa loves another Eonni which breaks little idiot's heart.
- Megaupload's death.
- 26256th teaser to EXO debut was released.
- BB fans proved how stupid they are by requesting that a poor nugu name Taeyang changes his (real!) name because in Big Bang there is Taeyang (stage name) already.
- Hong Kwangho cast in musical "Dr. Zhivago".
- Brian Joo's comeback.
- Taemin on Immortal Song 2.
- KRY covered Jong Guk song. We all need more Wook in our lives.

- rumors started circulating that there is a sextape of Chunnie. Gods didn't answer our prayers and it turned out to be a lie.
- INFINITE directed their own campaign against abandoning dogs. Dongwoo cried (and couldn't act) while remaining perfect still.
- JYJ work miracles and find lost wife.
- Shisus is better than Superman. Plus, he's nekkid most of the time and not wearing red panties on leggins.
- Big Bang released "Blue" and comeback in general.

- JYJ members (Celestial Cat and Chunface) assaulting controversy. Hell broke loose cause they used swearing words and pushed back some sasaengs. But those criminals were little girls who sarang Oppars, and you don't abuse a woman even if she's holding a knife to your throat!
- SKKS won some awards at World Best of TV 2012
- JYJ concerts in South America
- SHINee's back. Heechul too. 70's german porn concept pics and 180 degrees different vid gave me feels. Not the kind I wanted but semi-nekkid Jjong is always good. While writing lyrics on my back that tore half of the fandom's hearts.
- SHINHWA's back.

- Dino's Birthday. As always it's relevant to my interest.
- Nell made a comeback.
- EXO-flop finally debuted.

- INFINITE's comeback.
- MBC Korean Music Wave in Google. Streamed live right on your PC. Only lagging.
- Open World Entertainment CEO charged with rape. Oppa Ajusshi did mean it!
- Junsu's solo album is out. This fangirl wasn't impressed with "Tarantallegra".

- Ryeowook and Sunggyu joined Immortal Song 2. The former made me cry.
- Diva released first japanese album. Author couldn't listen to whole to judge. No need to, tbh.
- Yucheon said he'd like to have a daughter when he's married and some called him a pedo. Good going, brainfucks.
 - Some irrelevant actress made a rude comment that pissed netizens off.

- Kim Namgil is out of the army. Autor needs to fan herself again.
- SuJu returned as "Sexy, Free & Single". Oddly enough, liked album better than previous "Mr. Shitty". Not enough Wook though.
- 2NE1 released single that no one cared about, although they said "I Love You".
- PSY's Armageddon Style.
- "Answer to 1997" killed all your faves. 
- Heechul killed us by deactivating his Twitter. Life is pointless without Heenim pics.
- Won Bin in a drama that didn't happen.
- The hugest storm of the year came, known as "T-tanic".

- Chunface deleted Twitter. Mourn for a minute.
- Wuhyeonnie in "The Thousandth Man" not making this nuna cringe. Uffff *wipes heavy sweat*
- G-Dragon new mini. His crayon doesn't work on this author (in September though).

- Urban Zakapa is back!
- Sex scandal involving BB's Seungri. YG's comment: "That's no scandal". This is Japaaaaaaan!
- SM C&C Merges With AM Entertainment (now mega agency having actors too).
- HoMin is back with "Catch Me". I don't wanna.
- Epic High is back. Liked them more under Woolliment. New EH album felt flat.
- BEAST pretend they're still relevant and release something.

- NHK banned Kpop stars from year-end Kouhaku show. 
- GaIn released "Bloom" MV.
- SHINee released Japanese single "Dazzling Gay Girl". Eh...
- Junsu wins Best Actor Award at Korean Musical Awards.
- KRY images. Just because I can. and because SMEnt won't give us their album any time soon.

- SMTown I hated with all my heart.
- IU and Eunhyuk's "accidentally uploaded" twitter pic. Incredibly grave-digging LOEN's explanation and SMEnt saying like a boss it's not worth it.
- JYJ and SMEnt legal battle ends.

- Celestial Cat is back on twitter!
- Junsu continues his world tour (this time for realz y'all, real world).
- Kim Seonggyu releases solo mini-album.
- SJM teases about upcoming comeback.
- Moon Heejun mentioned new album. Not sure if want, but what can I do? 
- SHINee showed all your oppas and unnis how to sing during all 3 year-end shows.

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