Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hey, I'm a pretty flower!

   Physical transformation of an actor is a normal thing in a movie world. Let's just mention Russell Crowe, Christian Bale or Charlize Theron. In a normal world of fans such transformation meets either with praise or disbelief (some concern over health is also included). In an abnormal world of fans it meets with disgust and praying circle "for the actor to go back to his flower image".

Oh yes, you probably know what abnormal world I'm talking about. K-netizens.
Lately Kang Jihwan's pictures appeared for his movie Detective Cha. And the storm of comments followed!
It looks like he's one of the bravest men alive in Korea to get such physical change. He's not afraid to look unapealing, to change for the role. How many of BB cream obsessed flower boys would go that far?
Because as we know, all men have to be pretty, clean, smooth, shining, ball-less, you name it. I do get that this "strive for beauty" is a national trait in a Korean psyche, it's historically proved they have been always especially keen to beauty and visuals. Beautiful face means beautiful inside - it's actually true in Confucial self-discipline in Joseon, but it's not unique to Korea only. It's found worldwide.
But Koreans are now really obsessed with physical appearance. Speck-free clothes, accessories, houses, faces. It all bloomed in one perfect flower that is Diva.

Kang Jihwan gained over 10 kilos, and then shed almost 20 for a movie. But insane fangirls wept over his belly. 

Do we really want all actors to look like this specimen below? Male actors??

The guy is the one in... erm... pink coat.