Saturday, November 06, 2010

Press Conference Fashion

  I'm in a bitchy mood today, so I decided to relax myself a bit by writing here. There are days like this, not particular bad as for weather, but somehow, in the course of hours my mood can plummet faster than a shooting star. It just happens, have no idea why, and nothing can cheer me. And because I have refrained from commenting on leopard print on jackets, I tried to get rid of the images that Aility gave me and they caused me nauseous ever since that day. But, I guess unless I speak about it, I will not get my peace back. And I need it to finish few articles. My personal, subjective, biased opinion, you don't need to give a damn on this one.
  I can handle the weird fashion, really. I've never had any problems watching this. On the catwalk. Or in the movies. Really, after seeing Velvet Goldmine and Terry Gilliam stuff nothing can surprise me. I understand wacky outfits for some photoshoots. Why? Because they are part of the concept for it. The person who is responsible for a photoshoot talks with the stylist and they come up with the right image. A model or actor who models for it has little to say. He lends his personality, body and face to it and nothing more. So I don't care for that. I couldn't be more indifferent to it.
But when the actor is caught while attending some event, like movie premiere (not his/her, just a visitor in the theatre), dressed in some strange combinations even Stevie Wonder wouldn't choose, there is this alarm that goes off deep in my head. (btw. I love Stevie Wonder, jokes aside).
   Majority of actors/actresses come with their own choice in fashion while attending a public event. Even if the outfits have been sent to them it's not as if they got only this one. They have a lot to choose from. I've seen too many interviews and BTS, I read too many interviews, I know how it works. They are offered by big design names to wear their projects, but they have a variety of choices. Not just one. So it's not an excuse for a poor dressing at this type of event.
Why some artists (and I'm not reluctant to use this word here, while speaking about them) appear dressed normally, in a classic way? Is it that hard to be dressed even plain, but with taste? What's wrong with being a little considerate about viewers eyes? Classic is boring, but safe. You can't look bad in a classic attire. Every guy, even a semi-attractive one, starts to look anew, reinvented in a suit. Suit adds a dose of masculinity (and that may be a problem for some...), it shapes man's body perfectly. Damn, I'm talking about guys only, forgot to add^^.
For some classic is equal to geriatric, I guess. They strive to be so modern, no, better, to become a fashionista. I have no idea when it started. Now everyone HAS to be a fashionista. This is why one dresses in a way I wouldn't dress even my worst enemy while seeing them dead drunk. Not even for a stupid prank. I don't have enemies though. Yet.
   As I said, I can understand weird fashion. Singers can wear whatever they please both on the stage and off. Why? Because they have to maintain the image. Sure, they can shed the feathers and fur (geezz, my mind went to the noona gutter, cause of Jonghyun again...) in private, they can go to the store for buns even in a bathing robe for all I care... umm... wait... need a cold water... Anyway, I'm not that concerned about them. But actors should be credible. The image they give during many different official events is a part of their credibility. I'm sorry, Perez Hilton is respected? I think not. That's what I'm talking about. OK, he's no actor, but the same point. There is a proverb in my mother tongue: how they see you, that way they describe you. It's not true that appearance doesn't count. It does. It can build up the actor's image. It can maintain it. And it can ruin it as well. A proper look at some official meeting, interview or event may signalize: This guy is stable, we can invest our time and money in him. And on the other hand, idiotic fashion may mean two things:
1. This guy is an idiot (if the fashion idiocy lasts longer than 3 public appearances)
2. This guy can show different side of himself (if the fashion idiocy is something of one-time-event)

So, lady, your point?
My point is - I'm not bashing weird fashion as an idea, I'm bashing dragged too long fashion crime. It's not cute anymore, it's not kyyaaa-worthy.
Cause for me, the only kyaa I can go is for a man in suit. Or period clothes. Sorry.
No glittering, silver jackets whatsoever, brrr...

Random pictures from my HD of men who know how to dress properly for some events.
They prove that you can twist even a lassic fashion in a modern way. And it still looks admirable.

   But some just choose to ridicule themselves. No one has ever told them that animal print is good in some kinky movie about ahjumma playing in her bedroom? I have nothing against animal print, no, but for the love of safari, not in a public event! Photoshoot - yes, dressing up among friends - yes, but public...

Although I really dig her (below, because on the pic above, the pronoun "her" can be confusing) jacket. I do. I have a weak spot for all army and uniform stylized clothes. Probably she didn't want to be too classy and put this awful shirt under, while plain white shirt would suit better.
But see? I can praise.