Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yucheon and media

Boy has really no luck whatsoever when it comes to media.
In the late morning local time, the news spread like a wildfire about Park Yucheon's father's death. Fans were asking and pleading NOT to write to Yucheon's twitter, to not post anything so that he could find out from the family.
Turns out - media and some fans are brainless, idiotic hyenas.

So here I'm writing instead of preparing for tomorrow. For some I may sound like a 'fanatic' but you never met any fanatic if you call me that. And hope you never will. Looks like stating opinions and taking sides is equal to being one.
Anyway, back to unnerving topic.
"How do you feel about your father's death?"
"Oh fuck, my father's dead???"

This is how I see the situation at the airport. Rumor has it, poor man was informed about such news by reporters and fans at the airport. And they almost shoved the cameras into his face. 
As I wrote on DA today, fans have no right whatsoever to meddle with such things happening in his life. We may support him, we may stand by him when shit hits the fan, but with such matters we should be transparent, at least at the very initial stage. Later, later, fans may express their condolences etc. but for humanity's sake, don't do what such people did to Yucheon today.

The hunt hasn't calmed down with sasaeng controversy, and such thing hit him again. But what stupid fans did? Rushed to airport and flooded it. 
Being a fan doesn't give anyone right to stretch the wound so it haemorrhages ceaselessly.
Man has been through a lot recently, but I guess hoping that fans/media can respect his privacy was just a wishful thinking. I really don't need to see his tears-wet face behind the sunglasses at the airport as it is on every freaking korean website. I really don't. I can imagine he's crying.

Whether you pray or not, pray for Park family, sending good thoughts is praying too. 

International Fans at JYJ3 are collecting the donations for the wreath.