Friday, October 07, 2011

Prince Suyang's Coup d'Etat documentary

   There was yesterday a documentary broadcasted on Prince Suyang's Coup d'Etat (계유정난) that made him new King. In case anyone is interested, look below. The show is interesting because it compares drama version with the history. We all know, and PD also said that they weren't that focused on the actual history but on the romance part. Nonetheless, history shown in this drama was also great. The time span for it is around 2 years, not including few years after, when King Sejo was close to his death and he saw Seung-yu with Seryeong.
They even went to the famous cave that - in unofficial history - was a temporary refuge for our lovely and brave couple before they fled further south.

And here is the link:
History Special - Prince Suyang Coup d'Etat 2011-10-06

Few screenshots: