Saturday, August 27, 2011

Infinite weekend

   Their first fanmeeting was held on August 17, and when I got back, I immediately rushed to some websites to find it. Not that I'm obsessed or anything. Boys could learn to be less honest though, because their blabbering may cause some problems in the future. But for now, I just love how natural they are.
Oh, and today is Sungyeol's birthay^^ They celebrated it on that day.

Some 2,000 fans attended seven-member boy band INFINITE’s inauguration ceremony of their fan club INSPIRIT.
The boys kicked off the fan meeting titled "INFINITE & INSPIRIT 1st FAN MEETING” held in Seoul on August 17 with a video composed of various clips from their official debut till recently and then appeared on stage for songs "Come Back Again" and dance hit "Before the Dawn (BTD)."
After their performance, the boys held a question and answer session where they took turns revealing stories about each other followed by a surprise birthday party for member Sung-yeol, whose birthday is on August 27.
"We are extremely happy that so many fans have shown up for our fan club celebration and it feels great that we were able to meet our INSPIRIT family in Korea before starting our upcoming activities in Japan," INFINITE leader Sung-kyu said.
He went onto say, "We plan on promoting 'Be Mine' till the end of this month before we fly to Japan for our concert in September and prepare for the release of the Japanese version of 'Before the Dawn' which will go on sale in October."
Meanwhile, Woo-hyun explained they will release the repackaged version of their first full-length album "OVER THE TOP" before heading to Japan.
The celebration continued with various performances including members Dong-woo and Hoya singing their duet track "Crying," Sung-kyu's performance of "Because," Sung-yeol, L and Sung-jong dancing to "Bangkok City" by girl group Orange Caramel and wrapping up with Woo-hyun's ballad "Time."
The group then revealed a video thanking their fans for their love and support and graced the stage once again with back-to-back performance of their songs "She's Back" and "Nothing's Over" and encore performances of "Voice of My Heart" and "Amazing." 

Making their debut in April 2010 through Mnet's reality TV show "INFINITE! You are the One," the boys are currently busy promoting title track "Be Mine" from "OVER THE TOP" on various televised music and entertainment programs. 
The inauguration ceremony of INFINITE's fan club held at Seoul Children's Grand Park on August 17, started with their debut song "Come Back Again" -- perfect for showing the appeal to their group dance in which they move in perfect unison with each other from the angle of their arms and legs or the movement at the end of their fingertips. After introducing themselves with remarks such as, "I'm in charge of showing the somewhat nasty sides to us" (L) or "I'm in charge of showing abs, stomach flab and height" (Sung-yeol), the event moved onto its highlight, the silhouette talk.
Exposing facts about each other through the use of voice modulation mics while sitting behind a silhouette screen is a talent of INFINITE's that has been proven through their show on cable music channel Mnet. When presented with the topic, 'I have timidly disobeyed leader Sung-kyu before because I didn't like his ways,' everyone held up an O sign without the slightest hesitation after which they immediately ratted on him with remarks such as "That we have to listen to him just because he's the oldest!" "Yes!" "That's right!" But Sung-kyu, who had lived with these wild boys for two years, remained composed. And when he then warned, "It's time for them to get another scolding, for them to get the touch. Tonight!" with a smile in his eyes, the rest of the group cried out, "You think we're iPhones or what?" while Sung-kyu returned to his seat while flexing his shoulders.

They also heatedly agreed to topics such as 'I'm sometimes embarrassed because it seems like Woo-hyun is too conscious of people' or 'I think L is very proud of his face' but Woo-hyun himself who shouted out, "I love you, my fans" whenever he could, seemed indifferent to the reaction given by the rest of his group. He had also suffered from a fever of over 40 degrees celcius up till the morning of the fan meeting but presented fans with three types of heart signs he had recently invented, to which his group shook their heads and asked, "What on earth is that?" and "Do you really like him acting like that?" Them revealing that "Dong-woo's innocent image has all been calculated" or "Sung-jong is more interested in girl groups than our choreography" too are actually expressions of their affection for each other. And how they told the story of Dong-woo having had a hard time after failing a test while a trainee and singing "Bubble Pop!" for Sung-jong who seemed ready to dance some sexy moves was their way of showing the unique brotherly love existent among these 'idols unlike idols' who still clean their own bathroom and dance in crowded streets to promote their new album. Hence it may be their simple innocence which makes more people pay attention to their performances created by the combination of the melody and lyrics to their songs, their singing and dancing, and the efforts and characteristics of the seven boys. There may not have been any special stage effects or a complex program for their fan meeting yet the reason their performances and storytelling was enough was probably because of the appeal of these seven boys.   
(Text and pictures from Asiae)

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