Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bad Guy on japanese TV

As if he needed more unhinged fangirls...

Actor Kim Nam Gil (30) appears on Japanese TV this autumn.
The SBS TV series Bad Guy in which Kim Nam Gil plays the main role, and Sign in which Kim Ah Joong acted in, will be broadcasted through NHK in Japan on September and October respectively.
Good Story, the production company of Bad Guy, revealed that Bad Guy will be broadcasted in Japan for two weeks with a new title Enemy and black, every 10:00 p.m. from September 4, from Monday to Thursday.
A source from Good Story said, “Japan’s largest media NHK decided to run the TV series on 10:00 p.m. Usually, Korean TV series are aired at midnight or later. We hope that Bad Guy will become a big hit and be recognized as a great TV product.”
Bad Guy will begin to air on October once more with subtitles.
source: yahoo news through