Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Greed, The Power, The Payback

   Midas was the king of Pessinus, capital of Phrygia, a region in Asia Minor. He was the adopted son of Gordias and Cybele and was well known for his pristine rose garden and love of the pleasures of life.
(...) The leader of the satyrs, entrusted with Dionysus' education, was Silenus. One day, completely in character for a satyr, Silenus became intoxicated and passed out in Midas' rose garden. The peasants found him and brought him before their king. Luckily, Midas recognized Silenus and treated him well for five days and nights. During this time, Silenus entertained Midas and his court with fantastic tales.
Dionysus came to Midas and was glad to be reunited with Silenus his surrogate father. He decided to reward Midas for his hospitality and granted him one wish. Midas wished that everything he touched be turned to gold. Dionysus warned him about the dangers of such a wish, but Midas was too distracted with the prospect of being surrounded by gold to listen. Dionysus gave him the gift. Initially, King Midas was thrilled with his new gift and turned everything he could to gold, including his beloved roses. His attitude changed, however, when he was unable to eat or drink since his food and wine were also changed to unappetizing gold. He even accidentally killed his daughter when he touched her, and this truly made him realize the depth of his mistake. Desperate, Midas pleaded to Dionysus for help. Dionysus instructed Midas to bathe in the headwaters of the Pactolus River, and the wish would be washed away. Midas went to the river, and as soon as he touched the water, the river carried away the golden touch. The gold settled in the sands of the Pactolus River and was carried downstream to Lydia, one of the richest kingdoms in the ancient world and the source of the earliest coinage. (...)
by Anna Baldwin
"Midas." Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online.
[Accessed March 27, 2011].

This way we can go into the drama called Midas.

   I have to be frank - financial jargon and economy is enough to put me off. Jang Hyuk is enough to pull me in. This way, according to some simple math, all we got is a nice, round zero. Actually no, a zero on some diet.

   I finally managed to re-start this drama, and I take some perverted pleasure in watching something I understand half of it, better - to enjoy it. Hedge funds, market, shares... this all means nothing to me. I have never understood all those big share holdings, company management and financial talk. This is why I rarely watched any movie with it. I'm probably too stupid to understand all this. Hell, doing my taxes it too big deal for me, glad I have my Mom for it^^
Anyway, drama is fast-paced in terms of events leading to some uncertain point in the future. The future is bleak. We may predict what can befall Kim Dohyeon in his pursue of the wealth. And we may associate him with the legendary King Midas whose gift (as he thought) became his curse. So far, only his fiancee, Lee Jung Yeon, seems like a normal human being, more and more frightened with the change Dohyeon is undergoing.
Yu Inhye is an iron woman, self-made businesswoman who is tough and merciless. She often refers to The Godfather movie and Michael Corleone who became the head of the family against his wish. She wants to become the head as well, but there is only one problem - she is not favorite of her father. Well, her father had 4 wives during his lifetime, and 6 kids, so it's well expected that they hate each other and form pacts when the times ask for it. And then Kim Dohyeon comes into play - he is chosen by the Lawyer Choi to take over his duties, that is - dirty job of cleaning the mess after the huge, f*cked up family. Yu Miran, the youngest daughter of Yu Pilsang is a suicidal slut. Well, she's like that because of the family. Yu Myeongjun is a male slut (oh no, this is called "young, ripe man in his fullest") who sees women as easy. Granted, some are like that. He spends his time around almost exclusively this type of girls. Plus his sister.
There is also Dohyeon's family whom he hates - Kim Dochul, his half-brother and Kim Taeseong (father).
Dohyeon sides with Inhye and promises her to get rid of any obstacles leading her to "the throne". He starts to sacrifice all what was a constitutive part of his human nature in order to achieve that.
He has the golden touch. He's a genius, but in the same time he's going to die with hunger.

   You know what Zoolander said once? No? "I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is." Well, No Minwu is really, really ridiculously pretty, but he could consider either acting lessons or changing the job. I mean, OK, maybe I'm too harsh on him, he's better here than in My Girlfriend is Gumiho (And I Don't Give A Damn), but... he's surrounded by better actors and his acting is somewhat... ekhem... I know his fangirls will probably break my phalanges for writing this... Still, maybe I can warm up a bit. His character is typical character of some Sturm und Drang period-in-life-of-every-spoiled-kid, so yeah, *shrugs*. 

The music is also good as well as the directing and shooting the drama. No complains. The characters were displayed fully in the first episodes, and we can watch their changing. Jang Hyuk is able to show either joy in of life, but he has something dark up his (Armani) sleeve, so I have no fear for his portrayal. I'm not sure I like the character, though.
Plus, Kim Seong-oh as Docheol. Well, with his face he can forget about playing Romeo, unless... well, I do like him, but the nature has made him to play some shady, sleazy, cruel-to-the-bone, you name it types of characters. He can be nice, true ( Mister Salamander).
Verdict? - I'm watching!

Jeez, exactly how tall this lady on the... ekhem... No Minwu is?