Monday, August 02, 2010

폭풍전야: Lovers Vanished: Behind The Scenes

   Taking this movie home with me. In case of sleepless nights and as a safe place to run into. Like in this movie would be anything safe. As I wrote, I haven't seen such a great movie in a while. And reading/watching the interviews, or watching "making of" is like breathing the same air they were breathing. There is something alluring in watching how some scenes were made. I find it really hard to be a great actor. This is a hell of work. I don't know if I could forget about 20 people around me and act like that. To show your raw emotions, to behave like you actually ARE the person you play.
Love scene in Lovers Vanished was really bitter. And shot in a way that is different from many Korean and Western movies. Camera was static, focusing only on the faces of Su In and Mi Ah. Very emotional, fateful moment. And really hard for actors. To show love and passion doomed by the actions they were victims of.
First, MV. I think I put up in the first Lovers Vanished post, but since I'm not sure, and there is nothing like 'KNG overdose' in my vocabulary, I will put it up here as well.


Making Of: 1

Making Of: 2:

Press Conference 2010-03-25:

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