Tuesday, August 31, 2010

김남길: few videos

You know, lack of anything to do will kill me, so this is the last thing for today, and I'm back to the stuff I need to do. Because, no matter how adorable is this mindlessly staring at KNG, I have my own responsibilities. Eh, stupid life.
Plus yes, I hate his tan now. I know it is the result of all his hardship during those 4 weeks, but it's not that good for the health.
Lose it, love.
Video cut made by me from yesterday's Good Morning. Nothing new. They had this section called "Now and Before", and even inside this category there was a sub-division. Like: on this and that photo, bafore and after make-up (a category for JKS The Bling??). So they had also before and after entering the military. They had before Namgil-nim Lee Junki, but since everyone knows about my affection (but toward the other emotion) for this boy, I didn't dirty my hands with making a cut.

And few other, Japanese subbed videos. Ara, dear, you will be able to understand^^
Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Thanks for the vids! Too bad I never learned kanji and rikaichan doesn't work here ;) but it's better than without.

    Did you see the interview he did in military? They show some material of his daily life in the military, too

  2. I said about that interview before my break somewhere. He said about on his enrollement day as well. Aigoo...
    Give me the link, I seem to lost it. My PC hates me and KNG, I guess...