Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : why I love it...

... despite all of its faults. The reason is simple. Actually it's without a reason. It's just a feeling.
I have no response from Seoul Drama Commitee. When I will, I will let you all know what is the progress in dealing with ignored fans in Europe. OK. maybe my mail was a bit harsh, but damn, I was so frustrated because of us who can't participate (all I know is that even without filling, the voice is valid), so I wrote it. But maybe they work on it.
Here is one of the reasons I'm stuck with this drama and the reason why I'm taking it on my well deserved, but not too much anticipated, vacations.
I guess, I could recharge my batteries better with you/DA than with my family, but as I wrote, filial piety is something I gained from asian culture through all these dark years of studying.
This video is simply loveable.
If you weren't the fan of KNG-nim, and you will not become after it, I don't wanna speak with you.
He has something that told me to come back to Korea over one year ago. And No Regret was the only Korean movie I saw until 2006. Yes, sis, this is the answer to your question what happened to me last year.
I love the man. I admire this human being covered with all these layers.