Tuesday, July 06, 2010

폭풍전야: Lovers Vanished

    This movie is known under 5 different titles: After the Storm, Last Night, Lovers Vanished and The Day Before, Lovers Vanquished. But what's more interesting is the fact that 폭풍전야 means actually "Before The Storm". I will try to be as much objective as I can while writing about it, but first I need my sleep.
As for now, some posters (there were few) and videos.
When I read that the movie will be in theatres in Korea on April 1st, I though, "It's a joke, right? Another movie his character will not see the end of"...  In Miindo he didn't, in Public Enemy he didn't. And now, in drama Bad Guy he won't.
The first man in my long life and I regret I'm not a poetess. I don't know how he does it, but his every role, his every character is so memorable. Plus the voice.
In Modern Boy he spoke like whispering, he raised his voice just once, and I was scared brainless... but more I was scared with his quiet mode. He has something dark in this calmness of his.
Lovers Vanished I find the most suitable title regardless of the original. I like the word "vanish", it has some disappearance substance in it. This "-ish" at the end reminds me of the sand. Sand and ashes. The whole movie was sand and ashes...


Lovers Vanished MV:

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