Friday, July 16, 2010

Kim Nam Gil: before He disappeared

Yes, I know, there is so many things to do in this world and I'm doing pretty much nothing. Since July 21st I'm going to change, I will remove wine from my flat (that is why I need to drink what's left), I will start exercise again, and I will be back to learning Korean (미안 해요, 진아씨^^). Why July 21st? It's My Own Private Anniversary. Until then, let me get drunk, let me do nothing with my days, let me sleep till 10 am...
I knew every coverage of his military entry will be different. Waiting patiently for 3 more shows. Well, waiting till Sunday is nothing. But waiting till 2012 is sweeter.
I'm talking like some teenager.

The video for watching is here, below the download link. Just a cut, although the entire episode of Section TV was nice. Apparently, the fans who were waiting for KNG-nim had two posters, because the guy who appeared later gained more "kyaaaa". Sorry, I don't care who he was, but he was interviewed even, KNG-nim hadn't the chance.