Sunday, March 01, 2015

"Because a song has got to stop somewhere"

Another batch of songs that have caught my attention lately. I've been writing mostly about music or music-oriented topics, but in all honesty - every series I'm watching now started airing long time ago or ended quite some time ago and I don't feel anything I can write about it will add any dimension to the discussion. Oh wait, I lied. Of course it would. Only problem is I don't feel like it.
I have to write an academic article on Constantine, and I still can't muster up the will to do it.
This is one of the reasons you are all stuck with the music I'm listening to and then imposing on all of you.
Without much ado, let's plunge!

Wild Beasts - Bed of Nails

 Just look at one guitarist playing the guitar with damn bow!! I do get the Morrissey vibes, but it's not as unhinged as his, so I'm pretty cool with this.

   The CO is the band I've been listening to the most past few days (all albums, to be true). They won't revolutionize the music scene, they won't make the groundbreaking hits, but they deliver real emotions and that's all I need. Some groups become successful and some stay in a niche, and the process of this eludes me. How, ie. Coldplay became so famous despite their music and lyrics are pretty usual for a British band? If I had to choose between Coldplay and Travis, hell, my heart (and ears) belongs to the latter with no moment of hesitation. Never understood the Coldplay effect, really. Anyway, The CO are not famous and I'm sure they never will be on the same level as other bands. But what strikes the most in their compositions, despite really good lyrics - the harmonies! Oh it's so rare to hear so nicely blended vocals lately! One of the myriad artists I got from the Bones. Better prepare handkerchief, people...

This song is also a wonderfully crafted musical composition. I admit, I do have the weak spot for soaring songs, crashing down in a monumental crescendo at the end. It's not repetitive and it's written almost as a drama itself - leading to catharsis. This song is just like it. Thanks to the overwhelming drums and chorus.

From the same album comes the song Heartbeat, which is my favorite one. Also, the composition is worthwhile. While the entire song is based slightly on marching, military drums, towards the end, the rhythm changes - into a heartbeat (starts around 3:55). Pay attention, folks, because it's worth it.

Now something else, a song with yet another haunting lyrics and overlapping rhythms.
Radical Face – The Gilded Hand

Yet another sad song.

Rubberband is a nice album, Charlie Worsham has a nice, silky smooth voice and this song is pretty catchy and upbeat. And I usually stay away from country. Have no idea how I came across this album but I don't regret any minute spent with it.

 And now, a long song that might not be everyone's cup of gin.
Bright Eyes – Let's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and to Be Loved)

If you think Bob Dylan-esque, that also might be a good image.

   I listened to one Korean soundtrack past days, namely for the movie "The Five", composed mostly by Shim Hyun Jung. He composed few other famous soundtracks, like for Ajusshi (Man From Nowhere) or Oldboy. The soundtrack is nowhere on YT to listen to, but it's on RippleTunes and Spotify to listen to.

 Jay Chou, everybody. And he doesn't need any further introduction.

If I somehow didn't mention Li Ronghao, now I make amends.
李榮浩 Ronghao Li - 喜劇之王 King of Comedy:

Then maybe his other song, from a different album. Because, let's face it, his slightly sandy voice is really, really nice. Like really nice.

And last but not least, Kodaline - All I Want (part 1):
What happens next - you have to see Part 2, so I'll leave you with this suspense for now...


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