Sunday, September 11, 2011

Arrow - The Ultimate Weapon

   This movie is now in Korean theaters, but I was anticipating it some time ago, and waiting still for its wider release. Few reasons to watch this. First, and foremost - it's a period movie, and I can't just pass it. Second - it features bows and arrows, and this is one of my favorite weapons. Third - Ryu Seung-yong (류승룡) and that should prevent anyone from asking further.
The plot is intense, according to hancinema: 13 years after the King Injo Revolt, the Chosun Dynasty is attacked by the Qing Dynasty of China. A young man named Na-mi leaves his demolished village to find his young sister, Ja-in, and her fiance Su-koon, who were to wed on the very day of the attack. While on his mission to rescue her, he is being traced by Jushinta, a fierce Qing Warrior, and his band of malicious men who are out to stop him. Na-mi has but a day to rescue his sister before she is taken away to be a slave. When Na-mi finally finds his sister, Jushinta comes between them and a fierce battle between two of the finest warriors unfolds.
1636 - this is the year of the action.
What can be more thrilling that dirty, furious, merciless men fighting each other?

Some pictures taken from hancinema and my stills from Video Trip show.

Trailer: Character trailer: