Saturday, November 27, 2010

JYJ... ekhem...

   Still, interested only in 1/3rd of it. Today there wil be a big concert in Seoul. Good or bad, I wouldn't mind going there just to... yes, stare. With a big suitcase. Hmm... so you can be an actual singer and behave normally? Man, some singer-wannabies behave as if doped and exaggerate both outfits and attitude. Ah yes, add to it an overblown ego. This world is strange.
If they disband I would be the last to cry, seriously. I wish them all the best and hope they can win over SM Ent (ahaha, such an optimistic thought this Saturday! It must be Secret Garden in 10 minutes, haha!) but no big despair if they ceased to exist as a band.

Pictures come from a sesion for Billboard in NY. And here they came from different sources. And no, I'm not that crazy or desperate to go to any fan-forum. Brrr... those kyagals *shivers*
After the first pic, you can skip the rest. Damn, such lovely stupid face*^.^*

United Colors of Benetton campaign, ahaha:

And yes, maybe Jejung doesn't scare me as much as U-Know The Creep Yunho, buts still he looks weird.