Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Personal Taste - how does it taste like?

Like love.
OK. I will write more tomorrow after the third episode, but as for now, I'm delighted. I had so much laugh, as I predicted. But the preview lied, at first Jin Ho didn't lie about being gay. He was actually framed.
I hope they will keep up the good pace and humor. Son ye Jin is great as just plain, normal girl, maybe not stunningly beautiful, but natural. I like her in this drama.
PS. Links are on DA.

I took a long break from Kdramas, just waiting for something new and fresh. And since I have a weak spot for LMH, I was waiting 3 long months for this one (since Kim Rae Won is in the army right now...). The last one I watched like this, I mean, 2 episodes every week, waiting, longing (not yet but...), was You're Beautiful. But it ended in November and from that time I couldn't find nothing interesting enough to keep me through 16 episodes. That is why I was wandering around Jdramas (why did they end Bloody Monday so soon, sniff...).

Second one:

And another trailer:

You can watch every episode on Viikii:

Or via TVAnts (without subs though), just find MBC station and tune in^^
Few pics (yep, LMH is pure sex)

Good to see him^^ I loved his fury over Harimao in My Girlfriend is an Agent, hehe^^