Tuesday, July 20, 2021


I thought since I post some clouds on Twitter, and even more I don't post, maybe writing something and posting pictures of clouds would be a good interval in out nightmarish reality. 
One thing needs to be explained first - I am a TERRIBLE photographer. I just click on the button and that's it. 
But clouds are fascinating things. Everchanging, ever in motion, with no past and no future just now. Everyone of us lied at least once on the grass and observed clouds, comparing them to some objects. My earliest memory of comparing clouds to anything was when I was maybe 5 or 6 and walking with my Grandpa we called the myriads of tiny, round small clouds "baranki" which can be translated as little lambs. Ever since then my pareidolia sense vanished and I never saw any shapes or worse - faces - in the clouds.
Instead I saw them for what they were - multilayered, fumbling mixtures of water and air. And what can they produce - mow this is truly magical. What they can evoke from the depths of our mental cases is truly magical.
Well, maybe sans my pictures, but you know the drift... 

Clouds and a little growing Jjongie^^

 If you want to download it, print it or use as a wallpaper - go ahead.
More nature will be coming.