Saturday, August 15, 2020

Batman TAS: Title Cards Season 1

Some of you know that I absolutely love Batman: The Animated Series. The production value is amazing, the storytelling - great, the concept - awesome, the humor - oh, it shows that something about Batman can have humor in it. This is why I'm sharing the title cards for the episodes from the BlueRay release. The cards follow the general style of the animation - a mixture of 1920's and 1950-60 with a dash of technology. But they are always minimalistic. Even when they have that fuzzy effect.
Season 1 has 60 episodes, so this post is picture heavy (even though there is no 60 pics).

Now, my rewatch is rather slow and I'm only at episode 20, but decided to go ahead and make screenshots of every episode remaining.
Here they are:

Same for ep 8 - which is a part II of the story

Feat of Clay was a 2-episode story.

Used for both episodes 17-18 as it was a 2-part story

2-part story

This one didn't have the title card

This one is a 2-episode story

This is the last 2-episode story in the season 1