Thursday, July 20, 2017

After Yet Another Ijime Suicide Students Meet to Ponder Over the Dignity of Life

Ijime is a huge problem in Japan that has a peculiar status - everybody knows about it and no one does a damn to address it and make a change. Because making a change is so hard in Japan lately, no one wants to be the first person to take a risk. 

 After a string of suicides caused by ijime* happening one after another in the whole country, a convention in Tōkyō started to ask students about their thoughts on the dignity of life.
The convention took place at the Senju Police Station in Adachi, Tōkyō, where local students of middle and high schools gathered. At the beginning, Makino Takashi, the Chief of the Police said: “Children’s suicide caused by ijime became a social problem. I wish children could, through the consideration for fellow people, protect themselves from the worst situations.”
Next, a 3rd year student from Senjuaoba Junior High School, Honma Kazusaki, read a composition titled “The Dignity of Life”. During which she said: “Everyone understands words differently, and what is a joke for one may be felt like a torment by another. And to not make our lives futile, I wish we could lessen the hate in our compassionate hearts.” urging all gathered to the necessity of considering the life of each and every one as something precious.

According to the Police in the last year the number of children committing suicide went over 520 nationwide and almost 30% of it was caused by ijime or other so called “school problems”. Participating in the meeting a 3rd year boy from a middle school said: “I will be paying attention to not use cruel words, and if I spot any ijime happening around me, I’ll consult with the adult and I wish I could help.”

*ijime – (from verb ijimeru) to bully, to tease, to chastise.

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