Friday, May 19, 2017

Taiwan Releases (April - May)

Another bunch of new releases from Taiwan.
No Roy Qiu in any of them.

Here we go.

小宇 宋念宇 Xiao Yu - 慣性取暖 Habitual Love

信 Shin - 說說臉 Faces Talk

A/DA 阿達 - 身體健康

阿杜 A-do - 一諾千年 Thousand Years Promise

小男孩樂團 Men Envy Children - 等著你回來 Waiting For You. I told you once I'm keeping tabs on them.

韋禮安 Weibird Wei - 分享快樂 Sharing Is Joy. I disagree, my dear.

周杰倫 Jay Chou - 美人魚 Mermaid. I know, it's March, but a list without Jay is invalid.

朱興東 Don Chu - 硬扛 Carry On Till Tomorrow

There are also new releases by JiaJia, MAYDAY or Likky.