Friday, November 20, 2015

We Built This City...

...on some more pop. 
I know, I've been a horrible blogger lately. You can blame it all on my work, on my inability to watch a Kdrama, on my weird affinity to Z-Class movies (Oh hell no, it's Sharknado 4!).
But one thing remains constant in my life (no, not Jjong this time, but close), and it's the music.
Here you have few songs and artists that caught my ear these past months (since March, I guess).
Video heavy.
No Kim Jonghyeon, because I want to torture you all and deprive you of our Lord and Savior.
But soon, soon... be very afraid!

   OK, I need to clarify one thing. I do a tremendous job to find few new, likeable songs, I listen to crappy playlists just to fish out one gem. The world is vast and music is created every second. I probably never heard of millions of artists, and this is a reason to get drunk from the sadness. The other thing? I tend to listen to things I love, so sometimes, instead of looking for a new music, I just play Nat King Cole for the nth time. Or Another Love.
I also am very grateful for any recommendations.
OK, back to business.

Jarryd James - Do You Remember

Luke Thompson - The Climb, The Fall

OK, maybe not the greatest song out there, maybe not the most powerful voice out there, but damn, this song has something, it just touches some strings deep down. In this quiet, serene way just like his voice...

Edwin Starr - War

Seinabo Sey - Hard Time

 One of the weirdest MVs I have seen lately too.

Dobet Gnahore - Samahani

Laurel - Nicotine Dreams

길구봉구 (GB9) - 뱅 (Bang)

 I'm loyal to those two nice vocals.

Nell - Star Shell

Well, Nell stays Nell-ish, and that constant I feel very reassuring. However much more noisy-rockish sound than before.

And the last, my absolute favorite from the long list of musical pieces I listened to lately. It accumulates the tension and fear, leading to the crushing sound of marching beings, ready to lay down annihilation on everyone else.

Bear McCreary - Battle of the Volge

 I like "Defiance" and I hope for the 4th season, although right now it's unlikely. The song is from the soundtrack for the first season and it's amazing. There you can find songs sung entirely in alien languages, from the all races living on transformed Earth. They fit so wonderfully and naturally. Only pesky people who need to have everything in English can turn up their noses and be annoyed. For me, this soundtrack was a wonderful excitement. Just listen to the whole song and you'll see. The whole soundtrack can be listened to HERE.


Picture from here.