Sunday, June 29, 2014

Through June With Music

   Or whatever is left of June anyway. My persistent habit of writing random words into YouTube, and now spotify, has been always paying off with finding few really nice artists like Jordan Chan Siu Chun (Traditional Chinese: 陳小春) whose album was a pleasant surprise (oh well, year 2001 in Asian R'n'B was a good year). Or some progressive metal band...
Special thanks go to Viande, who linked Yong Junhyeong's mini album and I fell for it hopelessly. My neighbours are probably less grateful to you, hon^^

Video heavy.

   Let's go then without much ado into the music.

Completely haphazardly I clicked on the album "Ragnarok" by the band Týr. And it wasn't as bad as I feared 90% of metal is. The main vocalist (Heri Joensen) can sing, ladies and gentlemen, like a clearer version of James Hetfield. Nothing to bow down before to, but at least he wasn't screeching, growling and howling (that's EXO's job, mwahahaha!!!). And the melodies are not only made up with some overwhelming drums cacophony, but actually they are really good. Many "heavier music" drummers are believers of one true faith: the louder and harder - the better. Here, the distinctive style of metal drumming is audible, because why not, but it's not dominating over the whole line. Then I read about them and turns out that "Týr is a folk metal band from the Faroe Islands. Their music can be described as a blend of viking, folk and significant progressive structures. The band incorporates many folk elements and melodies in their songs, spiced up by the musical inclusion of the islands’ native folk structure. Their songs include many rhythm changes and complex time signatures." (source: Their album I listened to, "Ragnarok" has some nice instrumental interludes every 3 or some songs.
My favorite is "Torsteins Kvæði". I like it maybe because it has the rhythm of some Breton songs I listen to a lot:

The soundtrack to Game of Thrones 4 was released two weeks ago and it's better than the one for the second season (the weakest, in my opinion), with some dynamic, pulsating tracks like "Thenns", or heavy and menacing "Let's Kill Some Crows", "The Children" or my personal fav. "Watchers on the Wall". This soundtrack has a lot more of tracks depicting the events on the North, around the Wall, which were the best parts in season 4. Also, most of the tracks illustrate the events from the few latest episodes. Sigur Ros, however, destroyed "Rains of Castamere" and I usually have nothing against the group. Their version is just miaouling of some ball-less cat during some lazy afternoon.

And as always, my beloved friend M. sends me some music I have at first no time to check, but whenever I do, I end up in the pits of YT and greet the sunrise all of the sudden. Bad friend, bad!!
So, the song I got and I liked a lot:

Chochukmo - Good Night:

Adrian Fu's "Good Morning, Hard City" was used as a theme song for In A Good Way twdrama, so I present it here, but his whole album is great. A little jazzy, a little urban, a little pop. Mix of the genres which makes the whole experience pretty enjoyable.

And now Jordan Chan (or Chen, I found both) with his awesome R'n'B album from 2001. OK, I know, not extremely new, but damn, it's such a great album I'm buying if I can find it anywhere.
The title track from the album "抱一抱":

AWESOME, isn't??

And now some relaxing, nice, rhythmic song by Wu Yong-Bin:
吳勇濱 Wu Yong-Bin - 我想我想

Now, some Korean songs, first - Thornapple. Their album was great. I remember them from Band Generation show and was waitng for some new album. And I have to admit, "abnormal Climate" is a good album.
쏜애플 – 물가의 라이온

They have Twitter: @THORNAPPLE_ 
band members have twitters: Yoon Sunghyun (vocal, guitar): lionontheshore, Shim Jaehyun (bass, synth): ebclick_, Han Seungchan (guitar): EndingTheme_, Bang Joseph (drums): bang_js90 and Facebook, so better check them out^^
Twitters after: Krock Is Real

I believe JjongDi mentioned Sweet Sorrow once, so I checked the band. Nice R'n'B.

and this one:

Lost by 스윗 소로우 on Grooveshark

And last but definitely not least, a wonder kid in Kpop - Yong Junhyeong. His composing skills and sense of rhythm are amazing! Plus the video slays all you faves from past 6 months. To be fair, I must add that another song, "Slow" from this mini, also caught my attention. I'm waiting for the full album now.